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Option 1:
Personal Brand Power

It's Time To Tap Into the Power of You!

The Personal Brand Masterclass is a brand new & intimate masterclass with me that will teach you how to “tap into the power of YOU.”

Based on the idea that ‘who you are’ is more important than ‘what you know,’ PBP walks you step-by-step through the process of discovering what makes you truly and authentically you. By learning how to tap into your core values, unique voice and vibrant personality, you discover what makes you stand out in a crowd — online, on social media, and in person.

If you’re ready to step forward as the face and voice of your brand, gain ‘superhero’ authority status, attract your passionate tribe and get paid handsomely just for being who you are, then this is for you.

Option 2:
Hidden Story Power

How to Cash In On the Power of Your Personal Story

When you think of selling on the Internet, what do you think of? Those long, hype-y sales letters, right?

The ones filled with fake scarcity and other sleazy tactics that leave you feeling like you need to take a shower.

What if I told you that there’s another way?

Simply through telling stories you can literally transform your business… and go from feeling ignored to connecting with your audience deeply and making sales effortlessly.

Option 3:
Enlist My Heart & Mind

Brand & Message Strategy to Jumpstart Your Business


If you want Marisa focused solely on you and your business… feeding you explosive insights and the kind of revelations that come from having been mentored by bona-fide business wizards… then get ready for a FEAST of strategy, advice & tactics.

No course, book, or seminar comes close to spending a VIP Day with someone who has Marisa’s track record of success. You’ll leave this session with a crystal clarity on your message and a customize roadmap for building a leading brand and lucrative presence.

From the Blog

10 Best Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers So They Buy from You Year After Year

Photo by tetsumo

One of the biggest truisms in business is that there are only 3 ways to make more money: sell more things, more often, to more people. And most people put all their effort on the getting new people part and neglect the most valuable asset in their business: their existing customers.

It’s well-known that it’s easier to sell more to existing customers than it is to get a new customer in the door. The very first step to building deep customer relationships with your audience is to simply deliver what you say you’re going to deliver when you say you’re going to deliver it — and even go above and beyond what you promised. Do just this and you’ll have raving fans for life.

Here are a few of my best ideas for surprising and delighting your customers so they continue to buy from you year after year!

Brand new traffic strategies you’ve never heard of from Don Crowther, Adam Urbanski, Alicia Lyttle & Harlan Kilstein


Welcome to the third and final week of our Traffic Superhero Summit “previews”. And this week we’ve saved the best for last.

Not 3, but 4 of the biggest traffic gurus around all converged for a Google Hangouts face-off today where they each divulged their biggest traffic stategies ideas — what’s working for them right now in their own businesses to generate huge traffic, engagement and sales.

If you think you know what they’re going to talk about – you’re in for a big surprise. :)

6 Simple Market Research Guidelines: How to Crack the Code on What Your Ideal Client Wants

6 Simple Market Research Guidelines

Want the real secret to figuring out what your tribe wants most?

Do just this ONE thing and you’ll never again be stuck for the right words to say, or left wondering if anyone’s really cares about what you’re saying.

There’s no better way to understand your prospects & clients than by doing this one thing. You’ll get to know how they speak and which “stories” they’re telling themselves. You figure out what they’re afraid of, and what they most want in life.

The deep clarity you’ll get from this will form the basis of everything you say, write & do in your business. The insights you’ll gain will change your business forever.

But, naturally, there’s a catch…

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