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5 Super Simple Ways to Learn Your Tribe’s Language and Discover What They Really Want

5 Super Simple Ways to Learn Your Tribe’s Language and Discover What They Really Want

Many people make the mistake of thinking their business is all about them. But the truth is that your business happens at the intersection of you and your audience. You can’t have a thriving business unless you give people what they want and market your solution in a way that inspires them to say yes. When you can identity and speak directly to your tribe’s wants, needs, desires, aspirations and challenges, they’ll feel like you really “get them”. So how do you crack the code on your marketing and ensure that you’re serving a real need in the marketplace? It’s …

10 Best Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers So They Buy from You Year After Year

Photo by tetsumo

One of the biggest truisms in business is that there are only 3 ways to make more money: sell more things, more often, to more people. And most people put all their effort on the getting new people part and neglect the most valuable asset in their business: their existing customers.

It’s well-known that it’s easier to sell more to existing customers than it is to get a new customer in the door. The very first step to building deep customer relationships with your audience is to simply deliver what you say you’re going to deliver when you say you’re going to deliver it — and even go above and beyond what you promised. Do just this and you’ll have raving fans for life.

Here are a few of my best ideas for surprising and delighting your customers so they continue to buy from you year after year!

6 Simple Market Research Guidelines: How to Crack the Code on What Your Ideal Client Wants

6 Simple Market Research Guidelines

Want the real secret to figuring out what your tribe wants most?

Do just this ONE thing and you’ll never again be stuck for the right words to say, or left wondering if anyone’s really cares about what you’re saying.

There’s no better way to understand your prospects & clients than by doing this one thing. You’ll get to know how they speak and which “stories” they’re telling themselves. You figure out what they’re afraid of, and what they most want in life.

The deep clarity you’ll get from this will form the basis of everything you say, write & do in your business. The insights you’ll gain will change your business forever.

But, naturally, there’s a catch…

The 30 Day Challenge: Two Case Studies on Doing Challenges to Build Your Tribe & Spark Engagement

photo by Niall Kennedy

I got the idea of doing our first Challenge — the 30-Day Video Challenge — as a lead in to our first Summit, the Video Superhero Summit. I thought it would be a great way to engage my tribe around video and build interest in the Summit, but I never imagined it would create so much buzz.

I had never done anything like the Challenge before and my top blog posts were maxing out at around 50-70 likes and a couple dozen comments. None of them really took off and went viral… until the 30 Day Video Challenge.

This one post got 497 likes, 98 tweets, and 309 comments. But most importantly over 300 people actually chose to join the 30 Day Video Challenge Facebook group and commit to filming themselves once a day for 30 days and posting their videos to the group each day.

But now here’s where it starts to get crazy.

[VIDEO] Here’s How To Tell If You’re Approaching 2014 The “Wrong” Way

Imagine the scene.

It’s New Year’s Day and we were sitting in a random café in Ventura, California kicking the year off with some amazing coffee & pancakes. We were feeling full of possibility, and then the 30-something at the next table says: “I’m glad 2013′s over. I wasn’t really into it. I’m looking forward to 2014. Something good’s going to happen.”

It struck me as funny and Murray and I laughed to ourselves, but then I got to thinking more about what she’d said and I think perhaps she’s looking at the new year the wrong way and it’s a symptom of a deeper issue that many of us have when we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another new year.

My mentor, Brendon Burchard once told me that if you’re going to bring huge change and big results into your life then one of two things needs to happen…

Join the 30 Day “Breakthrough Year” Challenge


Isn’t it insane that 2014 is already just days away?

If you’re anything like me — you’ve got ambitious plans in your head to build your tribe. To start selling your products. To get more clients. Or simply to launch your new business in a huge way.

Your gaze is firmly locked on the future and you’re ready to get to work getting your important message for the world out in a MASSIVE way. I’ve seen that look before.

(And Lord knows I’ve had that look before, many times…)

But sometime between January 1st and February 1st, we always seem to get “derailed”, don’t we?

Your to-do list explodes. Start-of-year fires need to be put out. Life happens.

It’s easy to get pulled off course and pushed off purpose.

Well – here’s what you can do about it *right now* so 2014 turns out different…

3 Irresistible Strategies to Stand Out & Be Memorable at Any Seminar, Conference or Live Event

JV Experience Live

Baa baa moo bleet.

Ever felt lost in the pack at a seminar, conference or live event?

Like one among many or just another “butt in a seat”?

Well, try being the shortest woman in the room…

At 4’11 ¼”, I’ve had people look past me, through me or even over my head without noticing me.

So, over the years I’ve cultivated my personal brand mojo and developed some pretty irresistible strategies for instantly getting noticed in a crowd — by the right people… in the right ways.

The 3 biggest ways to stand out and be memorable in a crowd are:

How you look – your physical appearance and sense of style
How you show up – your personality, energy and enthusiasm
What you give away – your business cards or other materials
(These strategies also work great on video!)

So let’s dive into each of these for a moment.

Info Product Revolution: How to Go Beyond Training & Create Experiences that Change Your Customers’ Lives


Gina Hiatt, founder of Finish Agent, recently interviewed me for her Group Coaching Megasummit. In this interview, I share the secrets behind how I’ve created such a deep sense of community in my group programs. If you’ve ever felt like your products or trainings are falling on deaf ears or that your customers aren’t stepping into action and implementing the strategies you teach them, then you’re going to want to listen to this interview. I really believe that that my role as a coach and a trainer is to create the conditions in which transformation can happen. Very few people …

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