Life’s Too Short for Bad JVing...

Seeking JV Partners to Help Change the World
& Make Some Great Money Along the Way

Hi! I'm Marisa Murgatroyd
Founder, Live Your Message.
It's good to meet you!

If you have a tribe that's driven, passionate & actively making the world a better place, then we need to talk.

We work with visionary entrepreneurs, helping them make a huge impact and the income they deserve. We do that through the awesome, life-changing group training products and programs that we create and offer through the right joint venture introductions.

We only partner when we see a great fit, and where we can establish a real, mutually “kick-ass” long term relationship.

This means when you partner with us, you get everything you need to deliver transformational results to your tribe, along with the industry's lowest refund rates, lifetime cookies, and programs that your tribe will rave about.

We hope you’ll agree that life's too short for bad JVing. We don't believe in holding back and not playing all out. We approach our JV relationships the same way. If this resonates with you, then check out our three programs below and let’s talk soon!