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Scheduling Success: Google Calendar Strategies to Tame Your Next Product Launch

photo by elycefeliz

Have you ever heard the expression, “The devil is in the details?”

Well there is no area of marketing that requires more attention to detail than a product launch.

I should literally be making t-shirts with the slogan, “I survived my first product launch.” Those of you who’ve gone through one know what I mean…. :)

But what I’ve learned recently is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to kill yourself over your next launch. You simply have to get the details down – all of them.

In this special video by my friend and mentor, Mynders Glover, you’ll learn exactly how to harness the power of Google Calendar to keep your product launches on track without derailing your life.

Mynders will even show you an advanced method to actually have your calendar pull from you the actions that are most important for you to schedule.

That’s right. No more post-it notes… :)

Once you learn this special calendar layering process, you’ll be using it for everything!

I guarantee your next launch will be way more organized!

 ==> Just click inside the iMac below to play the video.



As a Product Launch Consultant, Mynders helps business owners develop their launch strategy and implementation plan to promote their products online. He has consulted on numerous launches, including taking the lead role as Launch Manager for social media guru, Don Crowther.

Visit Business Building Shortcuts for more great videos from Mynders.

Deborah Harlow
Being my business world now includes exciting launches I love love love what Mynders is sharing in this video. Plus I've had the delight of being on planning calls with Marisa and Mynders and you can't find a nicer more knowledgable pair of people. If you have a business with a message you want to get out to the world you need to check this video out and follow these peeps... they're the real deal! Thanks for sharing this Marisa!


Paul Sokol
That is pretty cool! I've used Gcal in the past but never used it for launch management. Really ingenious :) Thanks for sharing Marisa/Mynders!



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