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I bet you’re a lot like me.

When I started my business, I decided I was going to handle all of my social media myself.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but as I found out, it takes an incredible amount of TIME to do right.

I was posting multiple times a day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and very quickly, I was spending literally hours a day on it — writing, researching and curating content, monitoring mentions, tweeting & retweeting, answering messages and questions.

But no matter how much time I put into it, I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted: more engagement, more clients, more spread of my message and more sales.

So I decided to dial back the activities and just focus on Facebook and just do that one thing “right”.

But then some social media expert told me that because of the way social media works, if you’re not doing ALL of it together, then you might as well do NONE of it. Basically, what happens on one network gets amplified by the others in a kind of feedback loop, boosting the benefit by an order of magnitude.

By then I was putting in 80+ hours a week just trying to keep my clients happy and doing my own social media was time I just didn’t have.

The “Ahah!” Moment That
Changed Social Media Forever For Me…

It wasn’t long before I realized that none of the leading experts, gurus or #1 authorities were doing their own social media.

They knew something I didn’t. They knew that their time was better spent doing the “important” work and leave the manual “drudge” work to others.

This realization literally changed everything for me and I began researching what options there were out there to have someone do it for me.

I found that the companies who were offering even basic social media packages were charging up to $5,000 per month to run the campaigns — plus exorbitant setup charges. They were obviously geared to big brands, not small business and solopreneurs, like me.

So I decided to develop my own system that automated the “drudgery”, making it all happen in the background each and every day. Then I hired a social media manager to run it for me from my office and the results were nothing short of amazing.

“Social Media Rockstar System”

Here’s what we achieved for my business In just 2 short months:

  • Facebook fans grown from 198 (it took 9 months to collect these) to over 1,000 (plus they were quality fans who loved my stuff and who were eager to comment, share and buy my stuff)
  • Twitter followers grown by over 850 (quality followers with their own tribes who frequently retweet my content to their lists)
  • Fresh, curious & targeted traffic arriving from Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • 2 big ticket ($50,000+) clients sourced, 1 from FB, 1 from Twitter
  • Several high quality posts researched and distributed each day, on each network, on autopilot

Proof of how this system has kicked our social media results into high gear!

And don’t forget – this was all happening without any involvement from me whatsoever. My social media manager was just following the system I’d developed and laid out for her.

There’s been such interest I’ve had to hire a 2nd social media manager to keep up with demand!

That’s where you come in.

If social media something you NEED to get right and you know you don’t have the time to handle it in-house, then my new social media manager has just 2 spots open. After that, she’s booked solid and I’m not sure when I’ll have another rare opening.

Applications are open here.

If you’d like to:

  1. Double or triple (or better) your fanbase lickety-split
  2. Dramatically increase your traffic from every social media source you can imagine
  3. Start attracting the right kind of social traffic – people who are interested in what you offer
  4. Build a base of responsive buyers, almost from the very first moment they “meet” you
  5. Encourage “time wasters” and “complainers” to go elsewhere, leaving you time to focus on the folks who you DO want to work with
  6. Start sending the right social signals so that you’re naturally perceived as a thought leader in your field — someone worth following, interviewing and listening to
  7. Finally see the Social Media ROI you’ve been promised all this time, and have customers and companies reaching out to do business with YOU…

.. then let me know a little about your business and if there’s a fit, we’ll follow up with you in the next few days to schedule our initial consultation call.

But do it quick — as of today, there are just 2 spots waiting to be filled.





OK Marisa I’m In! What Do I Get
In The Package and How Much Will It Cost Me?

Great questions.

Because what we do requires us to really understand your business, plus requires a bunch of systems and pages to be set up, there’s an up front “getting started” investment. But we’re keeping it very reasonable, because we want you to be able to do this.

The “getting started” package includes:

  1. 90-minute strategy session with Marisa + your dedicated social media manager (value $497) to create your entire social media strategy from the ground up and get to know you and your business so we can deliver you the fastest results possible
  2. We’ll Identify the best content sources for your industry niche and set up accounts on Google Alerts + Google Reader + HootSuite (value $497)
  3. We’ll set up TweetSpinner + FansFlood, two of our “secret weapon” software tools that will skyrocket your fans ($297) (Fact: we developed FansFlood ourselves for our own clients!)
  4. We’ll do your complete Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn page customizations to match your existing brand, so that every single entry point is congruent and impresses (value $2,000)
  5. 3-4 hours of intensive industry-specific research by your social media manager so she’s familiar with your topic and who the big players are. (value $197)
  6. Because we write posts for you, in your “voice”, your social media manager will invest 3-4 hours reading your blog and materials so she’s familiar with your company/corporate “feeling tone.” (value $197)

Your monthly management package includes:

  1. 1 x 60-minute call per month, including 30-mins with Marisa where will go over your results together and make adjustments to your social strategy if necessary (value $197)
  2. Researching and writing all your social media posts in your voice (value $847)
  3. Daily social media posting across all platforms (value $797)
    1. 10/day Twitter
    2. 3/day Facebook
    3. 1/day LinkedIn
    4. 1/day on the secondary social network of your choice (eg: Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube)
  4. Unlimited email access to your dedicated social media manager who can answer any question you have during the month (value $147)
  5. Complete management of Twitter mentions and direct messages (saving you several hours a week at least) ($247)
  6. Email notification direct to you of any messages that need to be responded to. ($47)
  7. Weekly status report direct in your inbox from your social media manager ($67)

If you were to purchase all of the “getting started” items separately, you’d be looking at a grand total of $2,685, but your up-front investment to kick things off will be just $1,997.

Finally, the retail value of your monthly package is $2,351, but because we want to make this as affordable as possible for you, your monthly investment will be just $1,497/month with a 3 month committment.




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