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The Brief

Danny Iny started Firepole Marketing in 2010 and blogged about everything to do with marketing. Over time he realized that the brand was limiting and didn’t reflect the “Audience First” approach to online business-building that he was championing; or the organization, team and culture he had developed. He came to me with the idea for a major rebrand from Firepole Marketing to Mirasee and needed someone to craft the entire visual identity.

Our Solution

We collaborated with the Firepole/Mirasee team to craft a brand idea, look, feel and web strategy that reflected the core message and values of the organization and positioned them as the market leader that they were. Once we crafted the core branding materials, we expanded that out into an authority website and blog; eBook and podcast artwork; squeeze pages, sales pages and order forms. Including the pages for their multi-million dollar Course Builders Laboratory Launch.



Color Palette



Long Form Sales Page Design

Always Built with Mobile in Mind

All our websites are designed responsively, ensuring great viewing on mobile and tablet devices.

Danny Iny

Rather than just looking nice, this is a design that converts - a crucial factor most designers don't deliver.

Danny Iny

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