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A “Ninja” Email Template to DOUBLE (or better!) Subscriber Engagement

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If you’re asking people to opt-into any sort of email list in your business, then you’re going to want to implement this simple strategy from Superhero Ryan Levesque. 

In the last 23 months, Ryan has successfully entered 17 new marketers, generating 2 million leads and 175,000 customers using the methodology that he’ll be teaching in our upcoming Online Business Superhero Summit.

He asked me to share this simple strategy and word-for-word email template with you, so you could start seeing some results – and have more to talk about – during his presentation on Wednesday, July 16th @ 12pm Pacific. 

Here goes from Ryan Levesque:

Most people out there try to push their solution down your throat.

They say, “Look at my weight loss pill. Look at my info product. This is the best thing since sliced bread. Here’s why you should buy it.”

Instead of doing that, we take a step back and we say:

“Time out a second. Before I can tell you whether or not my product, my solution, my service is right for you, I need to get to know who you are a little bit more. If you tell me a little bit about your situation, about who you are, then I can tailor the information that I give to you.”

When you do that, it takes people aback, because they’re expecting you to jam your solution down their throat. When you do that, it’s sort of disarming. 

Here’s a very simple way that you can do this:

If you’re adding people to any sort of email list—in any way, shape, or form—most likely you’re using an autoresponder system such AWeber, Infushionsoft, or OfficeAutoPilot to continue to engage them after they sign up. 

Here’s the strategy: two hours after you send your first email, send a second email that says this:

Hey FirstName! It’s Ryan here. 

A couple hours ago, I sent you an email with some information, and I just wanted to make sure that you got it. 

Will you do me a favor? 

Will you just hit ‘reply to this email’ to let me know that I sent it to the right place? 

Oh, and by the way, when you send that email, will you tell me what the single biggest question that you have about XYZ subject is? (whatever it is that you talk about in your business)

If you do that, I’ll make it a point to answer your question and tailor the information that you get from me in the coming days and weeks.

Adding this second email into your autoresponder sequence does three things:

 #1 – You’re going to be getting constant feedback from your marketplace to help you determine how you’re going to shape your marketing going forward. That’s invaluable.

#2 – Simply by asking that question, you’re demonstrating that you’re a real person on the other end of that communication, and by doing that, that’s going to separate, you from everybody else in your marketplace. How many lists have you signed up for where someone’s done that? Almost never, right?

Here’s the kicker. If you’re sending those emails that you get from people to a monitored email box, the next step is just reply back: 

“Hey, FirstName. Thanks so much for your note. I super appreciate it. Ryan.” 

People will be blown away. That memory sticks in thier mind. It’s a super brain-dead easy way to build the relationship.

#3  And this one’s ninja: It helps whitelist your emails.

One of the most difficult things today if you’re an email marketer, if you do any sort of email in your marketing, is actually getting your emails delivered. If your emails are just going to people’s spam folders or they’re being blocked by the ESPs altogether, it doesn’t matter how good your copy is; it doesn’t matter how good your message is; it doesn’t matter how good your product is—they’re never going to find out about it.

But when you transform one-way email communication into two-way email communication by getting them to reply back to you, all of a sudden, the Gmails, the Hotmails, the Yahoos of the world will say, “Well, time out a second. This is a real email conversation. We’re going to send this to the primary inbox.” So it’s a ninja way to get your stuff whitelisted into someone’s primary email inbox.


I hope you can see this is a super duper simple strategy. You can implement it in less than an hour. Send that email two hours after the first welcome email that goes out when people sign up for your list. 

Then we’ll talk about what to do with those results when we get to the webinar.

==> Click here to pre-register for the Summit and Ryan’s training: How I Successfully Entered 17 Non-IM Markets with 100% Success, Generating 2 Million Leads and 175,000 Customers Using these 4 Slightly Unusual Surveys.

He’ll be explaining how to use his proven survey funnel formula process to launch a new business from scratch, start a new project, or break into a new market.


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