Introducing a New Way to Create “Super-Sticky” Products, Programs & Courses that Hook Your Customers on Taking Action, Getting Results & Buying from You Over and Over Again...


(* Yes, we are legally guaranteeing you’ll make at least $2,000 in 12 weeks) No matter your industry, niche, or previous experience!

Information informs.
Experience transforms.

You’ve probably heard by now that the best way to leverage your time, knowledge, and expertise and to grow your business, is to create a digital product, program, or course.

But the sad fact is that most of what’s being taught about HOW to do this is not just wrong, but actually harmful to your long term success.

Here’s what I mean by that...

“Information-based” products do a great job of providing information, but the fact is that more information isn’t what your customers actually need and want from you.

They’re investing because they want RESULTS. They want TRANSFORMATION.

And we know that information alone isn’t enough to transform someone’s life or business. (If it were, we’d all be living in Googletopia. We’d be rich, healthy and happy. Every single one of us.)

But the facts say that...

97% of Everyone Who Buys Your Information Product, Program or Course Will FAIL to Complete it... Let Alone Get the Results They’re Hoping For...

Worse, that also means you’re unintentionally failing all but 3% of your students, clients, and customers, which means higher refunds and lower sales, repeat sales and referrals.

What if there were a way you could:

  • spend less time marketing and charge more for your products, programs and courses
  • ensure that 10-30x more customers, students, and clients complete your product and get results
  • get your customers “hooked” on taking action, getting results, and buying from you over and over again?

There is -- and it’s simple...

And on this page I’ll tell you exactly how you can have all of that and more by borrowing from the same closely-guarded and highly tested techniques that the world’s most popular games and app developers use to “hook” millions of people, and allow you to use the same techniques to help people change their lives through your training material.

Hi! I’m Marisa Murgatroyd, and my first Info Product Was an Epic Failure

Like many people, when I first started out my dream was to leverage my time and expertise to build a sustainable business that allowed me to make a bigger impact.

The “gurus” all agreed that information-based products were the best and fastest way to reach that goal.

And I believed them.

So I did what almost everyone else does: I spent the better part of a year creating my very first information product. I put months and months and tens of thousands of dollars into creating the launch materials: the webinar, the emails, finding partners, I even paid a well-known copywriter $10,000 to write my sales page.

I was convinced it was the best course of its type in the whole wide world and my only challenge now was finding people to buy it...

You can probably guess what happened next

A trickle of sales. Nowhere near what I was hoping for and dreaming about.

But the bigger problem I found was that the vast majority of people who bought it never even finished the program. They got stuck, demotivated and either abandoned the program part-way through or never started it.

It was SO frustrating, because I could see that the small fraction of students who actually did take action got great results.

After 4 years and only a few hundred people buying the program, it never had the impact that I dreamed it would.

All my money, time, blood, sweat, and more than a few tears down the drain. It was my life’s best work, the best I felt I was capable of producing, and after so much time, countless hours of labor pains and effort, this was all I could accomplish?

I felt like I’d let myself and a lot of other people down

Perhaps I just wasn’t cut out to do this? Maybe I didn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and I was just kidding myself?

I gotta tell you, in those days, I started to get so used to the feelings of being overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated and powerless to have a bigger impact and make more money at the same time, that I felt ready to just quit.

And the negative thoughts began to loop over and over in my head...

“Why isn’t this working for me? What am I doing so wrong that all of these people aren’t getting results from my program? And who am I anyway to try to teach these people? I don’t have a graduate degree in this subject. Sure, I have experience, but I’m not a recognized 'expert'. There are tons of others who have more expertise than me...? Aren’t there enough programs and courses out there already? What could I possibly add that people would want to buy? How can I create the business that I want if I can’t even sell my first product? And again, why isn’t this working for me?”

Perhaps this resonates? Or, perhaps you’ve wanted to create a course or program, but have held back, paralyzed by these same fears.

So there I was, like so many others, blaming myself and feeling ready to quit, but...

What I Didn’t Know at the Time Was... It Wasn’t Just Me!

Hundreds of thousands of NEW information products, programs and courses are released each year by hopeful entrepreneurs....

... People who pour their heart and soul into it, hoping to make a real difference in people’s lives, change the world for the better and give them the freedom to live their dreams and the lifestyle that they want to live.

Yet on average, the statistics say that less than 3% of people ever complete any information product, and most info products will never get more than 100 paying customers.

In other words, information-based products have a staggering 97% failure rate across the board.

I wanted so badly to make a difference in my customers’ lives... but what I didn’t know was that this problem affected everybody, not just me.

And then one day, I was reminded of an experience that I’d had a few years prior...

Flashback to 2011, to the Experience That Would Change Everything...

There I was, working for a non-profit in Los Angeles.

While I was there, I noticed something interesting: these guys were REALLY GOOD at getting their ideas out into the world -- into people’s minds, and most importantly, getting them to actually take action around their cause. Getting people to fully engage.

They did it by wrapping their information with EXPERIENCES. From huge galas and events to creative ways of getting celebrities involved in their cause, these guys were geniuses at creating unforgettable experiences that moved people to action...

And it worked...

They were able to quickly make huge progress on the issues that mattered to them.

And then I realized...

The Solution Was Staring Me in the Face!

While the non-profit was making HUGE progress getting their ideas across to regular people in a way that motivated them to take action, I couldn’t inspire more than 3% to do the same. Both of us were in the IDEA business, yet I was struggling.

That's when I realized that the MAJOR difference between us was:

They’d figured out how to use the power of experiences to get people into action... and I hadn’t.

Somewhere along the way, I’d bought into the fiction that my INFORMATION was the valuable part. But I now understood that what people valued wasn’t actually information, but the experience that came with it.

A huge feeling of relief and gratitude washed over me, because I realized...

There was nothing wrong with me or my information.
The problem was just how I was putting my information out there.

Once I Realized This... Everything Changed

After almost a year of heartache, worrying about my business, and feeling like there was something wrong with me, I finally had hope. I no longer thought about quitting. And if this was right, I had stumbled on something that would transform the entire info product industry and how we think about product creation and delivery.

I was excited to test out my theory to see if I was right. So I shoved aside the doubt and worry and got to work. I thought long and hard about everything I’d learned as a Filmmaker, Teacher, Author, Speaker & Coach about the kind of experiences that moved people to action and kept them engaged and winning...

I thought about the teachers who had the biggest impact on me...

I studied the world of video games, apps, reality TV, and entertainment to see how they got people “hooked” on a specific game or show that went viral...

I spent a whole year thinking, experimenting, and studying the natural chemistry of motivation, the different kinds of experiences that were powerful and universal in driving someone to action...

And I distilled all of this down until I had 10 Core Experiences in a very specific sequence.

These 10 Core Experiences became the foundation of the Experience Formula

The Experience Formula is the antidote for what I call the “Downward Death Spiral” that happens with most info products and courses.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before when buying a program or course. As you made the decision to go for it, perhaps you remember that feeling of euphoria you felt just as you were hitting the “buy” button. You were so excited to get your hands on it and for what it would mean to you and your life. You may have even felt a little optimism that things were about to change for you.

Then you start the course and...

You suddenly feel:

  • OVERWHELMED at all the tasks to do, worksheets to download, emails that keep flying into your inbox, and videos to watch. You don’t have time to watch 10 hours of video right now!
  • CONFUSED because you’re not sure what you should be doing first. You’re not quite sure where you are, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, which leads to feeling...
  • FRUSTRATED at your lack of progress and the obstacles along the way, because you thought it was all supposed to be so easy (that’s what they promised!)
  • ISOLATED because no one is there to answer your questions and help. You email the customer support desk, and get a very nice (but really vague) reply back, and you answer the email, and it goes back and forth for days. Most of the time, you’ll probably just give up.
  • STUCK and DEMOTIVATED. You don’t know how to move forward because you’re not sure where you’re going and what’s in it for you. The To-Dos pile up, the tasks get bigger and bigger... and you’re lost in the weeds, with everything inside you urging you to take the easy route and just quit.

And if you’ve followed the traditional advice on creating products,

this is what your customers are experiencing too

Most information-based products make people feel like they’re at the very bottom of an impossibly-tall mountain, with no clear way up and the wrong gear.

And then, because your customers aren’t getting results, you feel like a failure. Not only because your business isn’t growing, but because you’re not able to impact people’s lives for the better.

So if you’ve been struggling, spinning your wheels, and maybe even procrastinating when it comes to getting your product or course out there because you think you need to learn more...

And you may not even be quite sure why it’s been so hard for you...

Here’s the reason:

You’re not okay with leaving 97% of your customers behind!

Well, I’m not either!

That’s why I created The Experience Formula.

Everything your customer will feel when you use the Experience Formula in your business is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Downward Death Spiral... it’s what I call "Experience Escalation":

  • Instead of OVERWHELM....
    They’ll have one clear MISSION that’s specific and realistic
  • Instead of feeling CONFUSED...
    They’ll clearly see the VISION for what they’ll be achieving and the PROCESS to get there
  • Instead of feeling STUCK...
    They’ll experience CONSTANT WINS that build confidence and lead to even bigger wins
  • Instead of FRUSTRATION...
    They’ll know that CHALLENGES are NORMAL (and they’ll be prepared for them)
  • Instead of ISOLATION...
    They’ll have an engaged COMMUNITY and FEEDBACK for support...

And all of this leads to


... propelling them towards finishing your program, getting the results they desired, and becoming raving fans who are hooked on achieving results through you!

And, the best part about the Experience Formula? Anyone can follow it to create an amazing product that gets results, even if you’re not a PhD or world-renowned expert in what you’re teaching (it’s great if you are!).

You don’t have to know everything or be perfect in order to be successful, as long as you tap into each one of these 10 Core Experiences so you can work with the natural chemistry of motivation.

Once I Figured Out the 10 Core Experiences...

I was so excited because everything about this felt good. I had so much fun thinking about how these experiences would create that unstoppable momentum for my customers and keep them engaged.

But now I needed to see if these ideas would actually work! I had to test it...

I have to confess, I was also a little bit nervous...

Because these ideas went against EVERYTHING I had ever been taught about creating info products.

I knew I had to give it a shot. My customers were counting on me, and I felt there had to be a better way.

I tried it out... and What Happened Next Blew the Doors Off What I Even Thought Was Possible...

I decided to start by running a small experiment to see if the Experience Formula would work in the real world, in my business, with my tribe.

What happened? The results completely blew our minds... proving that every theory I’d had was absolutely correct.

I broke ALL the rules of product creation that everyone else teaches and instead I used the 10 Core Experiences I had developed.

And in just this first test, we got 76% of customers, to engage and get results.

Word Got Out
And My Students Went Crazy For It!

I knew I was onto something, and bit by bit, I started to share the 10 Core Experiences with people.

And they went CRAZY about the idea!

By this time, I no longer had ANY thoughts of quitting or giving up!

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Here's what our students are saying...

“I made $8,000 during the 8 weeks of EPM and then a week or so following the end of the course, $4,000 more came in for a total of $12,000 from my EPM product.”

Michelle Bongiorno

The Catskills, New York, USA

“4 weeks into EPM, I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for 6 months. After EPM I brought in another $150,000. So from zero to 6 months I made $250,000.

Jennifer Holbus

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“After EPM and changing the way I did business, I’ve almost doubled my income month to month.”

Vanesa Gallego

Madrid, Spain

“I made about $2,500 on my first program so I made my investment back, and it went GREAT! It was really fun to deliver, people loved it!”

Robyn Landis

Tucson, Arizona, USA

“Whilst I beat my financial target, made WAY more than my money back from what I had invested in the program, what was most satisfying was seeing my students get the results that THEY wanted in their businesses.”

Richard Medcalf

Paris, France

Engagement and results were at record highs never before seen in the industry, and I quickly realized that we were creating an entirely NEW type of product:


No one had ever seen anything like this before, and the excitement around this idea was incredible. It felt like a breath of fresh air to so many students who were tired of not getting the results they wanted and deserved from “traditional info products.”

And it was a ray of hope to so many business owners who were looking for a better way to make an impact in their customers’ lives, get off the marketing treadmill, and grow their business. Who were tired of getting stuck with their products as I had gotten stuck. Feeling like they'd failed because they weren't getting the results and outcomes they wanted. And blaming themselves, instead of the delivery method.

That’s when I knew...


So I took my Experience Product approach and created a Masterclass environment to teach a select few people how to do what I'd done.

In 2017, when we relaunched the Experience Product Masterclass, we had 598 students enroll in the program in just 5 days. Out of the 500 students who joined us last year, 92% of them engaged in the program, 65% completed the full 12-week program, and 69% of those students made it to “mission accomplished” and actually earned $2,000 or more in 12-weeks or less. Astounding when you remember that only 3% of people ever make it through “traditional” information products.

And here’s something else: the Experience Formula guides you to create your program content in such a way that people don’t even need to make it through the entire program to get results. They start winning right away.

And those wins were HUGE - part of “finishing the course” was for them to create, market and sell the product they created, making at least $2,000 in 12 weeks or less.

We have over 700 pages of “mission accomplished” testimonials from students making over $2,000 before the course was finished even though most of them had never made a cent online prior to that point! And many made WAY more than just $2,000...

Compare that with most people who buy a course and never make a single dollar from it.

No matter your industry, niche or stage of business... Experience Products® Work!

We’ve seen Experience Products® work in industry after industry, on every type and kind of product - from info products to online courses, from 1:Many group coaching programs to 1:1 coaching or consulting, and even service businesses.

My students have created Experience Products® and Services in dozens of markets, such as Reiki, Publishing, all kinds of Coaching and Consulting, Education, Careers, Online, Local & Traditional Marketing, Health & Wellness, Personal Productivity, Relationships, Spirituality, Sex, Art, Design, Finance, ESL, and Non-Profits, generating tens of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in sales.

And they work at every stage of business, from well-established businesses to people who don’t even have a business yet. We have over SEVEN HUNDRED pages of success stories from Experience Product Masterclass students who have used Experience Products® to transform their businesses... and their lives.

That’s because the Experience Formula is so powerful (and so universal), that if you follow it, and you’re willing to put in the work...

You WILL create a product that your customers will LOVE (and that stands out in a crowded market).

The results speak for themselves.

If you can get 50-92% of people to complete your course and take massive action... imagine the success stories you’ll be able to tell... imagine all the lives you’ll impact... and imagine the business you’ll be able to build.

Experience products transformed my business

Today, 10 years after founding Live Your Message, I love my business and I’m excited to wake up every single day and do what I do. We’ve been able to double our business almost every single year since we started, and last year we made $4.1 million while helping thousands of students live their message and be the superhero to their tribe.

Here's what our students are saying...


“The value of what I was learning and the mind barriers that were being broken, were worth so much more than $2000 I had paid for the program!”

“On January 1, 2018 I became purposefully unemployed. I took a leap of faith, and with my meager savings and my 401K as my only seed money, I quit my job as a physician assistant at the end of 2017. Using what I had learned from 23+ years in medicine, I had developed a 5-step process to teach people how to maximize their body's built-in energy systems, and thus their health!

However, I had no business experience, and I made every mistake in the book trying to get my business up and running. Ten months later, I had spent far more than I had earned and still felt like I was wandering in the dark.

Then a friend forwarded me the email about Marisa's webinar on the Experience Product Masterclass and all of that changed! I joined her program and within 2 weeks, I became clear about my niche and the mission for my product. Within 5 weeks, between the bonus material, the weekly content and the coaching sessions, I already felt like I had hit "mission accomplished". The value of what I was learning and the mind barriers that were being broken, were worth so much more than $2000 I had paid for the program!

Six weeks into the program, life threw me some curveballs. My mom came to live with me for a bit and my life got a little complicated. But Marisa's consistent message throughout this program is "Never give up!" So, even though my plans for how I was going to do this program were altered, I kept plugging along, and I reached the finish with over 75% of the modules done!

Yes... I am one of the people who did not officially hit "Mission Accomplished" by the end of the program. So, why do I still feel that this was one of the best and most successful programs I have ever invested in?

I now have a full outline and framework for my experience product. I have a marketing plan. I have full templates for the timelines for launching and running my experience product! I have lifetime access to all the content of this program so I can keep learning and creating!

All of the above was promised when I joined, but because of this program, I also now have: a more dynamic business name, a more authentic logo, the tools and knowledge to build a killer website, the support of an incredible tribe of fellow EPMer's, a pending trip to Live Your Message LIVE, and last, but most definitely not least, the ongoing influence of the very gifted Marisa Murgatroyd!


“We had our first $100,000 launch!”

Before EPM my biggest launch was under $20,000. I was scraping by from launch to launch. I was always rushed and in scarcity mode. After making just a few tweaks I learned from EPM we had our first $100,000 launch.

I removed unnecessary stress from my life, and healed from surgery in less than 2 weeks. Yesterday I bought a $1,600 bike. Before that I was riding a single speed bike with crappy back pedal brakes that I bought off Craigslist. My wife and I have monthly vision meetings at Disneyland. :)

I've created more time freedom in my business. I have something that is duplicatable that I can scale and I'm able to reinvest big into my business this year and turn 2018 into a million dollar year.”

6 Ways Experience Products® Will Transform Your Business and 10x Your Results:


Create a powerful tidal wave of momentum and action that makes it possible for your customers to succeed more than they ever thought possible.


Stack the odds in your favor (and your customers’ favor) so that you can get 10-30x more customers to complete your products, programs, or courses, get results and buy from you again and again…


Generate a “ripple effect” of growth in your business called the “Power of 1.1” where your customers start selling your products FOR you, that results in spending LESS time and money on the marketing treadmill and MORE time doing the things you love... So you’ll sell more while spending less to do so!


Become a Powerful Leader in your market as the vast majority of your students start seeing HUGE results from your products, programs, and courses, the word will quickly get out.


Enjoy repeat buyers, giving you more consistent, predictable revenue. They’ll become hooked on you and your products, wanting to buy more and more from you, creating what I call the Business Growth Trifecta of more people investing more money with you more often.


Start loving your business more and more because you’re having a bigger impact, with 10-30x more of your students actually taking action and achieving results.

Bottom Line:

Experience Products® are changing the game when it comes to how we think about, create, and deliver online products...

...And if you want to create a product that actually gets results for your customers, Experience Products® aren’t just “a” solution... they’re the ONLY solution.


So if You Want to Use the Power of Experience Products® to Transform Your Own Business, You’re Invited to Join Us:

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to design, launch and profit from your experience product in 12 weeks or less.

And we’ll be doing it together, with support, guidance and feedback every step of the way.

The Masterclass is an Experience Product® (of course).

Which means that you’re going to LEARN the Experience Formula... while EXPERIENCING it for yourself. (Which, as you now know, is the BEST way to learn!)

From the very first moment you join, you’ll be getting constant wins, building momentum, and you’ll know exactly what your Mission is and what you’re working toward.

And you’ll have the feedback, community and TONS of support to keep you powering through and getting results.


“Within the 8-week period of EPM we made $64,000 and at the end of that launch -- so outside the 10 weeks -- we made a little over $100,000. To date we’ve run two more classes on top of the first class we created with EPM, totalling our entire income from the start of EPM to today, to $270,000.”

“Within the 8-week period of EPM we made $64,000.”

Davina & Galen Detrik

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

UPDATE: 3 years later, Davina & Galen have a whole suite of experience products that are each generating at least six-figures a year… and their lives have changed. Now they get to stay home with the kids and do things most dentists wouldn’t dream of.

UPDATE: Davina & Galen now have a whole suite of experience products that make 6-figures each time they launch them!

Jeannine Luke

“Through EPM, I was able to establish myself as an authority!”

I’m an artist and back in 1998, I felt inspired to start a painting business -- even though I had 5 kids at home. Around that time, I had two friends talking about Italy and how lovely it is. I never thought I would go to Italy but when I finally did I fell in love with the Renaissance aspect of it all. But what I didn’t realize is that that trip was the beginning of my own personal Renaissance.

Since then, I’ve been to Italy 17 times in 17 years! I started wanting to bring other women to Italy and allow them to really connect with themselves, disconnect from life as usual, relax, get inspired and fulfill any missing pieces in their lives.

Because of the program I created in EPM, I was able to take two women to Italy with me, fulfilling my goal for the year. I have several more women signed up for the next retreat. My program is growing and if all goes well, I will start doing this twice a year!

Through EPM, I was able to establish myself as an authority, even though this was the first time I had done something like this. If you have an idea -- something that you want to do -- you should do EPM. It makes all the difference.”

Watch Jeannine's Story (Pops up a video on this page)

Over 12 weeks, we’re going to do this thing together! Here’s what we’ll be implementing as we go:

MODULE 1: Your Lightbulb Moment

In Module 1, we’ll focus on:

  • Choosing your product so it becomes the most lucrative offer you can make at this particular time in your business, the product that will allow you to make the greatest impact while delivering you the highest profits in the easiest way possible.
  • Creating your own personalized “Idea to Market Blueprint” so that you know exactly which steps you’ll need to take and when to take them. Not knowing the right actions is a HUGE reason people procrastinate and take months to make even simple progress.
  • Two marketing techniques that are vital for you to understand as you create the foundation for your product. Both will prevent you from spending a lot of time working on something people don’t really want to buy, and help you hone in with certainty on the right product for you to create around what they actually want and need to achieve the result they most desire.

MODULE 2: Nailing Your Offer

Once you choose the type of product you want to create... it doesn’t matter how good your product is if you can’t get people to buy! That’s why we start with creating the strongest marketing message and positioning possible before you even create your product.

In other words, how can you make your product irresistible so people can’t help but say yes?

In this Module, we’ll work to:

  • Develop the aspects of your offer that are proven to get more and more people to say yes, like bonuses, social proof and real urgency.
  • Craft a compelling Future Self, 1-sentence Product Mission, and Product Origin Story so your prospects instantly get why they should buy your offer.
  • Workshop your visual brand so you can stand out, grab attention and exude authority and credibility from the second people land on your page.
  • Plug into our Experience Product® naming templates to bust out your blockbuster product name.



This Module is centered around the anti-perfectionist “Earn While You Learn” method of product creation... so you don’t have to create a lot of videos, PDFs, and other assets right off the bat (unless you want to).

In this Module:

  • Discover 12 different “Rapid Product Creation” strategies... so that you can choose the ones that work best for your business, your offer, and your style. Using these, you should be able to complete the blueprint for your Experience Product® in less than 2 weeks.
  • Learn how to collaborate with your customers, students and clients during the process. You’ll know what they don’t understand, what they struggle with, and what’s not working for them because they’ll tell you so, which means you’re guaranteed to end up with the best product for them, NOT the product you think is best for them.
  • Create your Experience Escalation Plan -- This is where we integrate the 10 Core Experiences into your product. We’ll create your big picture outline for how to draw your customers & students into your Experience Product in the right way.


Experience Marketing Essentials

This is when you rock out your first Experience Marketing campaign designed to fill your Experience Product, Program, Course or 1-on-1 coaching, consulting or service offer.

In this Module, we’ll cover:

  • The 6 main Experience Marketing campaigns that are proven to work for a wide range of business models and industries. (Note: four of these will cost you nothing to implement, so you won’t need to spend a ton of money on advertising.)
  • How to choose the right marketing campaign (or campaigns) for your business model and stage of business. And once you get it rolling, how to use the Power of 1.1, where your customers start selling your products FOR you, so you can market less while still growing your business.
  • Why “Experience Marketing” helps you stand out in a powerful, unique, fun, fresh and engaging way to your ideal customers, which is MORE than half the battle in today’s noisy marketplace.
  • Our suggestions, templates, and scripts... basically everything you need for a complete and unique-to-you Experience Marketing campaign designed to bring you all the clients you can handle.

MODULE 5: Deliver the Wow

In this Module, we’ll cover:

  • How to deliver an unforgettable Experience Product that keeps your customers engaged and getting results.
  • The key elements to creating the “warm snuggy blanket” that makes your Experience Product such a great experience and creates a mass of raving fans who will achieve incredible results.
  • How to create an Experience that engages ALL your students, clients and customers immediately and keeps as many of them as possible until the end of your program -- MAXIMIZING the chances of their success, and repeat purchases.


And You’re NEVER On Your Own With All of This...

Weekly Support and Coaching... Right When You Need it

You’ll have someone to answer your questions LIVE for 12 weeks (we give you some grace time in there!), which means that you’re never left stuck and frustrated if you hit an obstacle or need clarification on something... and you don’t have to lose momentum.

Plus you also get support on your core program milestones in between calls through your personal milestone tracking doc. Simply tag your coach every time you make an update and you’ll get custom feedback within 48 hours.


    Twice a week you’ll receive the new trainings for that week. We keep them simple and bite-sized, with actions attached to each one of them that you can check off and experience your “win.”
  • Group Coaching Calls on Thursdays:
    90-minute group coaching calls with your dedicated Experience Product Success Coach…

What our students say about our coaches, staff and the EPM community:

“The morning after I joined I woke up to a world of support.”

“The morning after I joined I woke up to a world of support. There were people in the Facebook group writing every minute with ideas, questions, and feedback for ME. There was a coach assigned to me that I could ask any question I had. And then there was Marisa, who is phenomenally talented in what she offers. I still can't really believe just how much support and information I've had in this program and how much I'll continue to have access to going forward, with the Facebook group and the ability to watch all the trainings and Q & A again and again.”


“We helped each other through thick and thin…”

"The support is great... where else do you get all of this information, as well as your own personal coach??? There was technical support, moral support, and new-found friend support from the other EPMers on our Facebook group.

What a great group! We helped each other through thick and thin, creating our product, asking questions... it really made me understand how to present MY course and the importance of group support.”

Anne Ducroquetz

“My coach gave me an extra $10,000 idea!”

“Not only did I reach Mission Accomplished ($6,235 so far)... but I did it with ease and without building a website, sales page or anything fancy or technical at all.

My coach was responsible for giving me an extra $10,000 idea!”


“This is the first group I have belonged to that demonstrated the authentic desire to actually help each other.”

“In other programs, my experience has been that people have good intentions and talk about helping each other but don't follow through.

EPM is a true community. This is the first group I have belonged to that demonstrated the authentic desire to actually help each other. Not just making idle suggestions, but providing (or arranging to provide) valuable services to help others achieve success.”

Carolyn Bragg

BUT this course does much much more than just teach you how to implement the Experience Formula in your business.

It actually helps you CREATE that business!

Let me remind you of the mission for this product:

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to design, launch and profit from your experience product in 12 weeks or less.

Yep - by the end of this course you not only will have learned how, but you’ll have actually created AND SOLD at least $2,000 worth of your product or service!

And of course, I’m going to show you exactly how to make that happen, step-by-step, so that by the end of this course you’ll have made back every cent you’ve invested in this product - essentially making this product FREE!

In fact, I’m so confident that the system I’ll be showing you will work, that I’m legally guaranteeing your success.



We guarantee that you will make at least $2,000 from your Experience Product in the 12 weeks of the program, or I'll personally send you a check for the difference -- up to $2,000. That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success. And it means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the Experience Product Masterclass, because by the end of the course you will have earned back more than the cost of the program, and if you don’t, we pay you!

To qualify for the guarantee, you’ll just need to do these 3 things:


Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I'll give you, do the assignments and put EPM into action


Use the coaching, support and the resources that are available to you


Keep your weekly milestone doc up-to-date

Then by the end of the 12 week program you’ll either have earned at least $2,000 (likely way more than that) or I’ll make up the difference out of my own pocket. Read the full details of the guarantee here.


That's Right -- I’m Putting My Own Money On the Line!

You’ve heard others give the tired old line of “I only succeed when you succeed.” With this guarantee, I’ve taken my commitment to your success one step further.

Not only do I only succeed when you succeed, but if you FAIL, it costs me money.

In other words, I've built in a HUGE incentive for me and my team to do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to help you succeed. All the way to Mission Accomplished!

Don’t you wish everyone was like that?


Everyone is starting from a different place. To some folks, $2,000 is a drop in the bucket. And for others, it would be life-changing.

Wherever you're starting from, just remember that $2,000 is a baseline minimum goal for the 12-weeks of the program.

If you're at an earlier stage, then I encourage you to aim for that. But if you're further along, then I encourage you to set higher target and stretch goals for yourself in this program and beyond.

Many participants made more than $2,000 and even doubled or tripled their revenue by applying the principles I’ll teach you in the Masterclass.

Does This Sound Too Good to Be True?

Here's what some students have said about what they accomplished in EPM:

“EPM has changed my life!”

"I was laid off from my 9 to 5 job last September with no intention of ever going back to a regular "corporate" job again. However, I wasn't sure what I was going to do in place of that. When I saw a webinar for Experience Product Masterclass, I was intrigued. I signed up on the very last day!

EPM has changed my life. I found new confidence in myself and my abilities. I'm not only creating a class that has a small tribe waiting for me to launch, I have a BUSINESS! In the past 10 weeks, my confidence level has gone through the roof because I CAN DO THIS! I can build a business, I can create courses that will help people, I can market without feeling sleazy because people want to hear my message.

It was an empowering 10 weeks AND I’ve made $2,065 in the process! I'm in control of my life, I'm confident and happy and I owe it all to Marisa and EPM!!!”

Patricia Lemieux

“You cannot put a price on the level of Truth, Sincerity and Service that is transmitted through Marisa, Murray and the team.”

“EPM has been the single most engaging educational event I have ever experienced in my life. Marisa over delivered on the knowledge and information she so generously shared with us.

The results for me have been nothing short of amazing. Even though I haven't started my marketing yet, five couples have committed to my upcoming offering. I reached my minimum goal and surpassed it with $2,485! Yea! I am so excited to see how just one marketing campaign generated my five couples without even implementing two other marketing campaigns Marisa taught us.

Bottom line… I am absolutely thrilled that I participated in the Experience Product Masterclass. Most definitely, this has been one of those life altering experiences which bless our path from time to time…

Yes, I will be able to assist others who are attracted to my work and yes, I will generate substantial prosperity because of what I’ve learned from Marisa, however you cannot put a price on the level of Truth, Sincerity and Service that is transmitted through Marisa, Murray and the team.”


HERE are JUST A FEW OF THE INDUSTRY LEADERS that Marisa has worked with

"We had Marisa speak about Experience Products at our recent event and she blew everyone away. Not only was my tribe taking furious notes, I was taking notes. Marisa is not only a great speaker, her content and style of training is unique, powerful and gets you moving. She created an experience with video, props and exercises that got our tribe super engaged, and had major breakthroughs."



"I spoke at Marisa's Message to Money Live event and was amazed by the experience she created for her tribe. She literally pulled together a room of superstars. They walked in on Friday with the usual fears and doubts, and they walked out on Sunday being able to clearly articulate their message and speak it to a room. Rarely have I seen this level of real transformation at a business event."



"Marisa is one of the smartest people I know in the online marketing world. But even more important, her company is doing work that is making a measurable impact on millions of people. I'm already a client of hers, but my company plans to double down on the Experience Product methodology. It's that big of an opportunity."



"Marisa gave a live presentation on Experience Products to my team, and they LOVED it! We're definitely going to be applying what Marisa teaches in our business. I believe that Marisa's work is going to be setting the trend for our entire industry. People don't just want more information, they want experiences!"




Remember how I said that I’ve hard-wired your success into this program? Just to make absolutely sure you succeed, I’ve put together
this amazing package of bonuses:

When You Join EPM... You’ll Also Get Access To:


Your Own Personal Experience Product Success Coach

($7,500 Value)

You’ll be assigned a personal success coach and get direct access to their email inbox. Shoot them an email anytime day or night and get a personal response back, within 48 hours.

The benefit of having an expert at the other end of your email is frankly priceless. This kind of access to expert coaching is unheard of at this pricepoint, and I'm not sure if it'll ever be offered again.

Second, you'll get feedback on your decisions at the most critical points in the program, so you can feel confident you're going in the right direction and not making any big mistakes. Just enter each week's progress into your own personal EPM "diary" page that will be created for you on Google Docs, and tag your coach in a simple way to alert them.

Within 48 hours you'll have personal feedback from them specifically on the decision you just made -- whether it's the product type, name, pricepoint, mission, or any of the other key elements related to your product.


Niche Down,Profits Up

($497 Value)

The single MOST important step in creating any course is to clearly identify exactly who should buy it before you do anything else. That niche must be passionate about getting their problem solved, willing and able to spend money to solve it, big enough that your business can be profitable, and easily reachable through marketing.

This bonus shows you exactly how to pick the perfect niche for you, and know, in advance, just how large, profitable, and responsive a particular niche will be.

And, since you’ll be doing this right out of the gate, everything you do from that point on, problem identification, product creation, marketing and product delivery will be laser-targeted at that niche and its needs, causing them to flock to you and your product.

Whether you don’t have a clear idea or you have TOO MANY ideas and passions, this bonus will lead you step-by-step through the process of choosing THE right niche for you and your market right now so that you can get started creating your Experience Product.

Having the right niche is the difference between struggling for years and getting nowhere, and stepping onto the elevator to success. This bonus will be available for you as soon as you invest in the course so I recommend starting here.



“Sales for Superheroes

($997 Value)

Getting ninja at one-on-one selling is the fastest and easiest way to hit Mission Accomplished thanks to the CRITICAL real-world feedback you'll receive on what people really think of your Experience Product.

This 3-module crash course will transform you into a selling ninja, without feeling "salesy", pushy or slimy in any way.

Imagine your sales conversations as positive experiences where your prospects feel like they got the better end of the bargain, and are excited to give you their credit card.

This bonus course will guide you step-by-step through your enrollment conversations, with everything you need to get prospective clients to say YES!


SPEAK! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business

($997 Value)

Selling via webinars is both an art and a science. With this bonus, you’ll have everything you need to create and deliver an incredible live talk or webinar to get people into your program without ever feeling salesy or pushy. BOOM!

And it's a huge opportunity because a single great webinar can be the main marketing element for your business for years to come.


Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE*

($1,800 Value)

Launching your profitable Experience Product will be only the beginning of what’s possible in your business.

Live Your Message Live picks up where EPM stops, and we’ll spend 3 days together working on your entire online business. You'll be joining me here in sunny Los Angeles, where together we'll identify and craft your personal marketing message, create an entire experience product suite that has people wanting more, and the business and marketing plans to make it happen.

If you think working with me in EPM will be powerful, just wait until you see what you’ll take away after getting into a room with me to work on your business for 3 solid days!

* If our next LYM Live event is virtual, you will need to pay $100 per tuition waiver for the box of materials we’ll send to your door. If the next event is in-person, you’ll be asked to put down a $97 seat deposit to claim your seat (and we’ll return this deposit when you check-in at the event.


3 Month FREE Growth Account on the Xperiencify Platform

($447 Value)

Xperiencify is our secret weapon.

After years of recommending other membership site platforms, and being disappointed that none of them ever understood what we were trying to achieve, we finally decided to build it ourselves.

The perfect course delivery platform for Experience Products. It comes complete with all the experiencification we've been talking about in this workshop, and dozens of other features that will help you powerfully engage and motivate 10-30 times more students to take action, get results and become repeat customers.

You get:

  • Ability to have unlimited courses and unlimited students -- which means there's absolutely no ceiling or penalty on your growth like on some platforms
  • Access to our unique XP points system as your first level of experiencification
  • Customizable sound effects when students earn points, to make taking action ven more fun and engaging
  • Customizable Missions, Countdown Timers & Goals for every course -- we've build the experience formula directly into Xperiencify
  • 5 ways to drip your content in a really experiencified way
  • Coming this month we have automated leaderboards for live and evergreen courses and also our secret sauce, the redlight and greenlight monitoring that no other platform even comes close to that helps you save and reactivate students before they drop out, to reward & recognize the students taking action

And you'll get a free 3 month Growth Account with Xperiencify when you join EPM, valued at $297.


Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify®

($5000 Value)

This is a HUGE bonus!

We're actually going to build your membership site FOR you!

You'll map out, plan and record your product, but we will actually build it in Xperiencify FOR YOU. So if you were worrying about not having enough time to get everything done, or worrying that you're not technical enough — we got you covered.

Just give us your course materials within 12 months of the end of the program and we'll get you fully loaded in Xperiencify. We'll even set up your Constant Wins, and Red & Green Light Monitoring sequences...

We value this bonus at $5K. So if you want us to just take this off your plate so you're free to do what you do best, then I think you'll agree that this bonus alone is well worth the price of admission today.


Lifetime license to use the Experience Product® trademark

($1,000/yr value)

We’ve officially trademarked the term “Experience Product”® with the US Patent and Trademark Office. There’s such a buzz around Experience Products® nowadays that we’ve already seen lots of copycats spring up to try to meet the huge new demand for Experience Products® in the marketplace.

But if they haven’t been through the Experience Product Masterclass, then the odds are strong that they’re not selling a real Experience Product® that their customers can count on to support their success.

That’s why I’m granting you a lifetime, irrevocable license to use the Experience Product® trademark when describing your products. The fee to license a trademark like this has been estimated at $1,000 per year, but as an Experience Product Masterclass graduate, you’ll have a lifetime license, and we’ll actually send you a physical license in the mail that says just that.


Bonus #1: Your Own Personal Experience Product Success Coach ($7,500 Value)

Bonus #2: Niche Down, Profits Up ($497 Value)

Bonus #3: “Sales for Superheroes” ($997 Value)

Bonus #4: SPEAK! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business ($997 Value)

Bonus #5: Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE* ($1,800 Value)

Bonus #6: 3 Month FREE Growth Account on the Xperiencify Platform ($447 Value)

SUPER BONUS #7: Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify ($5,000 Value)


Lifetime license to use the Experience Product trademark ($1,000/year)



“The first whole half of the course was helping me get crystal clear about who my ideal client was, and what their needs and desires are. Within two weeks, I had closed $24,000 in worth of business, out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.”

“Within two weeks, I had closed $24,000 in worth of business, out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.”

Ed Oakley

St. Petersburg Florida, USA

Success Stories From Just a Few of Our Students

“I now I have a more profound basis to create programs that transform my already great customers into the best I could ever imagine!”

“A few weeks before this program started I set my intent that I would like to take my business to the next level. I've already written 3 best selling books, online programs and sold beautiful feng shui paintings to start up businesses. But something was missing, because I felt that I would like to work on a more personal and intense level.

After 10 weeks in EPM I can say WOW BAM AMAZING! I made more than €20.000 ($23,125) in exactly 8.5 weeks (and the campaign is not over yet!)

But even more importantly, I now I have a more profound basis to create programs that transform my already great customers into the best I could ever imagine!”

Jasmine Kettenbach

“We saw a 50% conversion rate!”

"For over 10 years I've been serving church leaders in creating cultures of generosity. I've done big events & sold tons of resources. I also developed a successful 1:1 coaching model.

Although I was seeing good fruit from coaching I couldn't see a way to scale all the learnings to thousands of churches IN THE RIGHT WAY. If I wrote a book I didn't feel like leaders could execute what needed to be done. Same for big inspirational events without backend help.

EPM has solved this problem for me! With the team's help I put together The 5 Generosity Seasons Masterclass and have rolled it out in my first city, soon to be 3 more in the next 90 days. We saw a 50% conversion rate in our first city (making $23,000) and I am projecting $50,000 in revenue across all 4 cities within the next 4 months. And these are my four beta groups where we will learn together!"

Patrick Johnson

“Joining EPM was the best business decision I have made!”

"I came to EPM with an established business in place that was operating manually in a technological world. I had taught my program successfully offline for about 17 years. Entering the online world with my business was difficult and challenging because I didn’t understand the language or the process.

I was overwhelmed with all the shiny tools and programs you need for your online business. This had been a money drainer for me in the past that caused me to be more suspicious of online programs and products that had good sales hype but didn’t produce stated results.

Joining EPM was the best business decision I have made. Before EPM I did not have a system or a marketing plan, which had been holding me back and stopping my success for years. I started with a skeleton business framework and EPM put the skin on my business by giving me a workable system with resources, a promotion and marketing strategy I can identify with and feel good about, and the knowledge to price my programs to create a “win-win” opportunity for everyone. Plus I made $2,955!"

Njideka Olatunde


Once you complete your registration you'll get instant access to your very first training video, right there on the confirmation page. No need to dig through emails or log-onto membership sites, my goal is to get you into action from Moment 1 of Day 1.

You're going to get your first win within minutes of clicking the Get Started button... and my goal is to build you up over the next 12 weeks to Unstoppable Momentum.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to design, launch and profit from your experience product in 12 weeks or less.

In just 12 weeks from now you're going to look back and realize you've created your Experience Product®: a lucrative product designed to be effective, fun and engaging for your customers that was actually easier than you ever imagined to create, market and sell.

AND, you’ll have at least $2,000 (likely far more) in your bank account from the initial sales of your Experience Product...

Plus the knowledge that you can repeat the process, over and over again, anytime you want, for the rest of your life!

What You Get In
The Experience Product Masterclass

The Experience Product Masterclass: ($1,997 Value)

Module 1: Your Light Bulb Moment

Module 2: Nailing Your Offer

Module 3: Crafting the Perfect Experience

Module 4: Experience Marketing Essentials

Module 5: Deliver the WOW

And By Investing Today You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Your Own Personal Experience Product Success Coach ($7,500 Value)

Bonus #2: Niche Down, Profits Up ($497 Value)

Bonus #3: “Sales for Superheroes” ($997 Value)

Bonus #4: SPEAK! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business ($997 Value)

Bonus #5: Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE* ($1,800 Value)

Bonus #6: 3 Month FREE Growth Account on the Xperiencify Platform ($447 Value)

SUPER BONUS #7: Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify ($5,000 Value)


Lifetime license to use the Experience Product trademark ($1,000/year)

Total Package Value:


Join Today For Only:



In Their Own Words...

“I have my life back!”

"My offline businesses were doing ok, but I recognised the biggest opportunity was online. I spent almost 5 years and $100k in other programs, airfare, accommodation and opportunity costs. With no online business to show for it.

EPM allowed me to string everything I had done together into one continuous piece. From the types of bonus, to the campaigns, to the nuances of the communication - it all came together.

During EPM, I sold 3 units at $997 with the ChatterBox Campaign. I am gearing up for launches throughout the year and I have so many more events lined up now that the structure is in place.

I have the front-end funnel for all my high ticket back-end products. Finally, after 5 years and almost $100K later, I have a plan, a schedule and a system. The end of madness. I have my life back.

Thanks to Marisa, the LYM team and my EPM Success Coach, my team and I have a one year plan that we can follow and stick to."

Dr. Sundardas Annamalay

“Doing EPM has been a defining moment for me...”

"Since 2004 I had dreamed of having an online program. My journals and my computer are filled with half-finished ideas. I was floundering as I wasn't sure which was the first step to take. I had bought other programs to grow my list, create a membership site and to make a course, but I never finished any of them and they didn't get me close to finishing a program, let alone marketing or delivering it successfully.

EPM has given me my first perfectly imperfect program. It has given me a process to follow but more importantly, the confidence in myself to say I've done it. This is my first of many. I feel successful and doing EPM has been a defining moment for me.

I have 8 people in my program and I earned $4,135. Not bad! And I didn't even have a sales page. I feel so confident now I can do it again. I feel like I am finally in the game rather than dithering around on the side lines."

Michelle Taylor


So right now, you have a choice. You can keep on creating and delivering products the “old” way, and risk dooming your customers to the Downward Death Spiral of too much boring information...

Or you can use the Experience Formula to build a business that generates huge results for your customers... and leverage the Power of 1.1 to consistently grow your business without spending all your time and money on the marketing treadmill...

Giving you a HUGE advantage over your competition and allowing you to enjoy the success of having a business that you love.

By joining us in the Experience Product Masterclass, you’re making the decision to invest in your business and you’re making a commitment to your success...

And remember, with our incredible $2,000 No Risk Guarantee, you won’t be risking a penny.

But you do have to grab your spot before registration closes because we’re about to close the doors and get started.


Still Got Questions? No Problem -
We Love Questions, and We Have Answers

Click any of the items below to view Marisa's video answer!

What if I’ve never created a product before, is EPM right for me? (Click me)

I’m not an expert in anything, is this program right for me? (Click me)

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I’m not tech savvy, will I be able to complete this course? (Click me)

I don’t have a website yet, don’t I need one to sell an online course? (Click me)

I don’t have an email list yet, can I offer an Experience Product without one?

I’m worried I won’t have enough time for this. How much time will it take?

What if I can’t attend all the sessions? (Click me)

What if I need extra help or personal support? (Click me)

Can I go faster in this program if I want to? (Click me)

Is there a payment plan? (Click me)

Is there a guarantee? (Click me)

What You Get In
The Experience Product Masterclass

The Experience Product Masterclass: ($1,997 Value)

Module 1: Your Light Bulb Moment

Module 2: Nailing Your Offer

Module 3: Crafting the Perfect Experience

Module 4: Experience Marketing Essentials

Module 5: Deliver the WOW

And By Investing Today You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Your Own Personal Experience Product Success Coach ($7,500 Value)

Bonus #2: Niche Down, Profits Up ($497 Value)

Bonus #3: “Sales for Superheroes” ($997 Value)

Bonus #4: SPEAK! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business ($997 Value)

Bonus #5: Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE* ($1,800 Value)

Bonus #6: 3 Month FREE Growth Account on the Xperiencify Platform ($447 Value)

SUPER BONUS #7: Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify ($5,000 Value)


Lifetime license to use the Experience Product trademark ($1,000/year)

Total Package Value:


Join Today For Only:



What Others are Saying About How EPM Is Different From Anything Else Out There

“Three years of one expert after another -- all the famous names at $1,997 a pop. NONE of them had what I NEEDED to learn… I gave EXPERIENCE PRODUCT MASTERCLASS a try and OMG... I am so glad I did!”

“Three years of one expert after another -- all the famous names at $1,997 a pop. NONE of them had what I NEEDED to learn... I just became more frustrated, and that soon turned to anger because I felt ripped off by these so-called Gurus. I wasted 3 years and over $25,000!

Marisa was my last attempt! I gave EXPERIENCE PRODUCT MASTERCLASS a try and OMG... I am so glad I did! I cannot begin to tell you how truly amazing this course has been for me. It is EVERYTHING I ever wanted to know… and MORE! EPM leaves no stone unturned. All you need to know is in this course, plus the downloads are priceless.

I named my product with Marisa's formula, wrote copy as she instructed, planned my modules based upon her system and created an email sequence, too.

I offered a Beta price to the first 25 participants and have 22 so far at $297 each! That's over $6,500!

I can't believe that I made $6,534 and the real promotion hasn't even started. My goal is for 100!! I know that I will make it :)”


“Marisa and the LYM tribe was greatly helpful to this very green novice. Today, I made back my investment in the program!”

"I had ideas on how I could help people improve their lives. I created a website using Wordpress. The problem was I had no idea how to market it. No idea. No help. I was told the best way was an email list. I had no contact list. No email list. I was a complete novice.

I was receiving webinar invites for high price do-it-yourself courses. I needed more than that. In retrospect, I believe it was divine intervention that sent Marisa and the LYM Team to me. I put my faith in my G-D to lead me. I believe he did.

Out of the trainings came my product title, a very unique one, getting me to concentrate on relieving stress.

I had no clients. No contacts for a Chatterbox Campaign. Then Coach Samara encouraged her group to do something to get started, whether it is good or bad. That night, I decided that my best way to get out into the public eye was to Chatterbox using a Facebook business page. It went live the next day. Since then, it has exploded.

Marisa and the LYM tribe was greatly helpful to this very green novice.

Today, I made back my investment in the program!”


“What I received as an EPM student is easily worth 10x the price. But so much more important than money is that I received legitimate, practical, actionable steps, and tons of support from real people who care.”

"At the beginning of the year I decided I want to work from home. I purchased a $2,000 course about digital marketing. It was like the freaking library of congress hit my inbox. I didn't make it past the first module. I thought maybe I'm just not good at online learning. Out of desperation I purchased another $2,000 course that included live coaching. Like a good student, I attended all the sessions but didn't implement. It was like there were holes in the training we received, and we were left hanging at the end of the 6 weeks. My classmates and I haven't heard from that "business expert" since.

Enter EPM... I thought, OK, I'll try this one more time. I had never heard of Marisa, or an experience product, or Live Your Message, but more than anything in the whole world wanted to make this thing work. I mean what I’m about to say with all my heart. What I received as an EPM student is easily worth 10x the price. But so much more important than money is that I received legitimate, practical, actionable steps, and tons of support from real people who care. I now have a plan, no longer feel stuck, and no longer feel alone as a result of joining the program."


"For three years I have been seeking the 'magic formula' to grow my business.”

“After spending a LOT of money on a lot of different courses, I had very little to show for it. One day I decided to write down every course I had purchased, and truthfully, I was shocked at the list. Way more than I remembered. Some of the courses I barely even looked at. I realized that the self-study concept didn't work for me. I was at the point of giving up.

EPM looked intriguing, but I vowed to not purchase one more program until I completed all the others. As I watched Marisa on her webinar, everything she said made so much sense. It seemed like the missing piece to my complex puzzle.

I was willing to take one more chance. So I signed up. From the get-go, this course was different. The celebrations at every turn really motivated me. The regular online meetings were invaluable.

I now have my own, fully functioning website, which is something I have been trying to accomplish for YEARS! I also completed an online sales funnel that I had started before EPM. And lastly, I created a lead magnet online quiz that is connected to my funnel.

I am super proud of myself for accomplishing all of this in 10 weeks. I had paid literally thousands of dollars and never even came close to this.


What’s the Future Look Like for You? What Do You Want To Achieve?

How would your life change if you knew that, just 12 short weeks from right now YOU had designed, marketed & made at least $2,000 from an Experience Product®?

And, that you will be able to use that same formula to do it again and again for the rest of your life?

That delivering Experience Products could be your full-time business...

Or that, any time you have to come up with some extra cash - to pay off your house, buy a new car, go on a very nice vacation, pay a college tuition bill, or retire, all you had to do was to pull out your Experience Product Masterclass notes and do it all again?

What would that make possible for you, for your family and for your life?

Imagine how you'd spend that extra income, and the type of lifestyle you'd be able to provide your family if you could rinse and repeat those kinds of results over and over again... and more.

Whatever your picture of success looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as you can. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live, to provide for your family and to provide for your tribe, as well as the freedom and time to enjoy it.

Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now. Today. I can't wait to support you in the Experience Product Masterclass.

Blue skies,