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Superhero Branding

The “Experience” Business – a Billion Dollar Distinction

It’s almost become a cliché to talk about the simple power of Apple’s marketing and branding…

But the truth is that it’s anything but cliché…

When every other technology company on the planet talks about megabits per second, battery life and hard drive capacity… (bored yet?) … some of Apple’s most iconic advertising didn’t even show the product.

Remember the original iPod ads?

Dancing silhouettes jamming out against brightly colored backgrounds with those iconic white earbuds dangling in the air…

Instead of making it about the product, Apple made it about the experience. They demonstrated exactly what can happen when you have a world of music in your pocket.

There’s a reason why Apple is still the most profitable company in the world…

They realize that value and profit is not in information, products, goods or stuff…

It’s in the human experience.

Or what the information, products, goods and stuff allow you to think, do, be, feel, have, overcome or achieve…

And that’s the Billion Dollar distinction.

The most beloved, most profitable, most successful and most viral products and services on the planet go above and beyond just selling information, they go above and beyond offering just another product or service.

They’re the ones that make the Experience PART of their core product.  And that’s the small distinction that makes all the difference in the world!

Information, products, goods or stuff have a limited lifespan

More and more people are choosing to downsize their lives, get rid of their possessions, and move into “small houses.”
There are tech graveyards in China… where good products go to die… and I would argue that Google is a graveyard of information.

But the memories and experiences you have, live on as long as you live on… even beyond, as your stories get passed down from generation to generation.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve struggled in business… you feel like you have the what, the how, the products, the qualifications, but something’s not happening for you… perhaps it’s time to leave the world of fine stuff behind, take the red pill, and enter the infinite world of experiences…

Experiences for you. Your team. And your tribe….

Experiences that allow you and the people you serve to think, do, be, feel, have, overcome or achieve something different.
It’s not about being better, faster, cheaper or stronger… it’s not about your product on steroids. It’s about thinking different. Being different. Talking different.

Business as unusual…

In a world with over 1 Billion websites and thousands of people who offer similar products and services as you do, what makes you stand out? What makes you demand to be heard above the noise of a Billion websites…

The answer is closer than it seems. Stand up… and look in the mirror.


When you bring more you-ness into your business and marketing you go from providing a service to attracting a tribe.

By sharing your values, beliefs, stories and personality, you start to stand for more than what you sell… and you inspire your tribe to stand for more than what they buy.

Through the choices they make, you give them the opportunity to do, be, feel, have, overcome, achieve and express more than they ever thought possible…

And the fastest way to do that is to do, be, feel, have, overcome, achieve and express more than you ever thought possible…

So let me ask you, are you playing it safe in your business? Are you saying what you look you need to say? Are you trying to look _____ (good, credible, professional, perfect, right)?

Because here’s the thing, in today’s market, the tools and tactics are not going to save you. Whether that’s Facebook Live or blogging or webinars….

Almost every entrepreneur has access to the same tools.

It’s what you choose to say… and how you choose to say it.

As my friend Michael Drew says, “Before you can win someone’s money, first you have to win their time.”

I believe the most valuable thing you can learn how to do in your business is develop your voice… and your message. To draw your line and stand for something more than what you sell. To be the superhero to your tribe.

To create a business that stands out from the noise of a billion websites.

This is the key to what I call experience marketing (OR SHOULD I SAY: This is what I call the experience business revolution… and it all starts with you stepping out and giving yourself permission to express more of who you are through your business, so you can inspire your tribe to live and express more of who they are…

This is the future of business…

It’s bold, it’s vibrant, it’s exciting, and it’s waiting for the real you to step forward.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Linda Shay

    Once again, your post is so totally right-on, Marisa. And super exciting! I couldn’t scroll and read fast enough – just reading about this new business paradigm got my juices flowing with YES! YES! YES!
    I can’t wait to witness you weaving your magic at LYM Live in February.
    We will be there! WooHoo!

    Reply ·
    1. Marisa Murgatroyd

      Awesome Linda! So glad you’re as excited about this as I am. See you very soon in LA!

      Reply ·
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