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This video is going to give you MASSIVE clarity on why you might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or hitting a growth ceiling -- and why you may not have had the success you've dreamed of up until now.

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Could This Be the Big "Aha" That Changes the Course of Your Business Forever?

Watch this video to get MASSIVE clarity on why you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or pushing up against a growth ceiling -- and why you may not have had the success you've dreamed of up until now.

The explanation is simple - and no business trainer out there teaches this except me. Once you have the "Aha!", business & life will never be the same for you again.

I never like to overpromise -- but this one concept? It has the potential to change everything for you, which is why I HIGHLY recommend you watch it right away.

I'm just like you...

When I started my business, I was smart... I wasn't afraid of hard work... I was incredibly self-reliant...

And yet, because of that, I missed some big opportunities and sometimes wound up doing things the hard way.

As I made the journey from zero to multi-seven figures, I realized something interesting…

I realized that each time I made a quantum leap in my business, it was thanks to the support and perspective of those coaches and mentors who had been down the road before me.

Because they had been there and were able to see things more clearly, and because they knew strategies that I didn’t...

... they offered the perspective on my business that I sorely lacked…

... and pointed out blind spots that were holding me back…

That’s why having a mentor is so valuable, and why it’s one of the best investments in your business that you can possible make.

Right now, until March 17th, 2017, Doors Are Open to New Enrollments in my Mentorship Program!

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to embark on a journey that will lead you to a successful six figure (or more) business.

But not just any business.

We want to help you build a thriving business that’s aligned with who you are, allowing you to stand out from the crowd, build a tribe you love, and reach your first $10K month… all while making a bigger impact than you ever thought possible, gaining unstoppable momentum and confidence, and stepping into your highest potential.

We’ll do this by discovering and embracing your authentic message; implementing your customer experience pathway from irresistible freebie to signature program to premium package; and mastering the 2-3 marketing campaigns you need to live your message everyday.

Like anything worthwhile, this journey will have some ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns.

Think about some of the stories you know and love where the hero goes on a quest: Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz...

What do they all have in common?

They each have a mentor that guides them on the journey and helps them fulfill their mission, whatever that is for them.

Our journey over the next 12 months will be like a hero’s journey in many ways. If you’ve ever seen a Star Wars movie or read Harry Potter, you’re probably familiar with what the Hero’s Journey looks like. It usually starts with a "Call to Adventure", where the hero is introduced to his or her mission.

That’s why, we’ll kick off our journey together with a 5-day virtual Call to Adventure training, where we’ll put aside your fears and doubts and create a specific plan for moving forward with clarity and confidence, knowing you’re on the right path and you have the tools to make it happen!

Then, just like the Hero’s journey, your mentors (Marisa and the coaches) and your allies (your fellow Mentorship members) will join you as you set off towards your goals. You will overcome some obstacles and challenges along the way, but you’ll always have help and guidance as you ultimately reach your goal and complete your mission.

With the right perspective, you can see the gift in every challenge that comes your way as it teaches you something valuable.

So much of success in business focuses on strategies and tactics and marketing; yet true success is about mindset as well. In Mentorship, we’ll also work on getting your mental game in the right place, so that you can focus on making strides in your business and personal development while learning to identify the “usual culprits” that have been holding you back until now.

Imagine at some point in the next 12 months, the clouds are going to part, the stars are going to align and you’re going to have that moment of crystal clarity when you realize your entire life makes sense. Every moment of it. Every challenge. Every heartbreak. Every experience.

You’ll realize you’ve been living your message all along and just didn’t know it. In that moment, the fear, doubt and worry will melt away as you confidently step forward as the messenger for the business that you and only you can build.

That’s the journey I’d like us to take together.

Download the PDF below to find out more, and click the button to fill out our online program application if you'd like to schedule a conversation to talk more about whether Mentorship might be a good fit for you or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1: I'm in the Blue Sky stage of business growth ...

... and it sounds like in order to get the most out of Mentorship I need to have my business more established and I need to already know what niche I’m in, is that true?

Not at all! In fact joining Mentorship when you’re a Blue Sky business is the best way to build your business quickly without making a lot of costly mistakes.

You’ll get crystal clear on exactly the kind of business you want to create, who you want to serve, and what strategies will work best for you.

We’ll lead you through a process to get the clarity you need to take your business out of Blue Sky fast and start landing students, customers and clients.

QUESTION 2: It sounds like Mentorship is just for Blue Sky folks…

Mentorship is geared towards Blue Sky, Call Me and early List Build businesses that are generating less than $100K/year or entrepreneurs who have made it to $100K/year+ but skipped some key steps along the way.

We help you build a rock solid foundation for your business and implement proven strategies to create a consistent income.

QUESTION 3: Wow, this is A LOT of information and support...

... I don't know if I need everything and/or I'm feeling overwhelmed by how much is involved…

Here’s the deal (and I’m gonna get really real with you here), you don’t need to be on every training call, use every strategy, or even show up to all the coach office hours to be successful! For realz :)

Just use the support you need when you need it and integrate the strategies that are going to work best for you.

Mentorship is not about being the best student, it’s about taking the right action for your business now. You’re not doing homework, you’re taking action to grow your business. Many of our students find that they work less in Mentorship than they were working before they joined us, because they can stop doing all the things that weren’t working and focus on only what they need to do.

If you don’t have a lot of business experience and an outside perspective, the biggest challenge is knowing where to focus to get the results you’re looking for.

So in Mentorship, you’re doing the business-building you’d be doing anyway, but you’re focusing on what’s going to get you results and letting go of all the rest.

QUESTION 4: What if I can’t be on the calls or make it to all the retreats?

No problem! All of the calls are recorded and available in the member’s area. Our retreats are livestreamed over Zoom so you can still interact and ask questions from the comfort of your own home. These are also recorded and made available to you.

If you can’t make a specific retreat in person this year, you’re also invited back next year to attend it live (even if you attended it via Zoom the first time around).

QUESTION 5: Should I wait to join Mentorship until I've proven my business and started making money?

Mentorship is the place to test your business idea and start making money.

I know it can be scary to invest money when you’re not making money but you also don’t want to go through another entire year without moving forward. Instead, it’s wise to invest in getting the support you need to bring your message into the world - right now!

Trial and error is the most expensive investment you can make in your business.

Most of our students find that getting just a handful of students, clients and customers that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise is enough to pay for the program. If you ask for support when you need it and implement what we teach you, you will be successful.

QUESTION 6: I really want to invest in Mentorship but I want to make money NOW!

Of course you do!

Having a steady flow of income is important in any business. In Mentorship our goal for you is to get your first or next client before the end of the Income Accelerator and begin to build to a consistent monthly income.Most of our students make back their investment in the program, if not double their investment, and many students double their business.

QUESTION: Who is Mentorship NOT for?

Mentorship is not for everyone so here are some handy guidelines.

  • Mentorship is not for you if you only want to learn but not take action.
  • Mentorship is not for you if you are not open to feedback and adjusting the way you do things.
  • Mentorship is not for you if you think you know everything.
  • And finally, Mentorship is not for you if you are making over $100K/year and your business is consistently growing (if this is you, check out Mastery unless you feel like you bypassed some critical foundational steps.)

Otherwise, Mentorship is perfect for you :)