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You are:

  • brand new to business or in the early stages of building a new business
  • unclear about what your business is all about or who you really want to serve
  • making less than $2,500/month consistently (or struggling to make your first sale)

But you KNOW the potential is there for you to knock it out of the park and make that mounting monthly paycheck -- from your business, not a boss!


  • have been in business for a while and feel like you've hit a ceiling on your earnings
  • are consistently making more than $2,500/month and want to take that up to $8-10K/month
  • or you've maxed out on 1:1 clients and want to leverage your time by adding group programs and offers

You KNOW the potential is there, you've seen other people doing it, and you know it's your turn.

You are:

  • currently making at least $100K right now in your business (if not a lot more)
  • ready to nail your “One Big Thing” that takes the world by storm
  • itching to knock it out of the park, to rapidly scale your business, and to become a high 6 figure or 7 figure plus business

Imagine being able to not only up-level your business strategies, but your thinking, beliefs, and actions around your business so you can unlock the holy grail of exponential growth.