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How to Structure Content on Video

Photo by Laura Lee Moreau

In this video, I answer your question: “I’m struggling with making 2-3 minute videos. One question I have is, how to talk in a video — e.g. ad libbing, working off a script or notes — how do you remember what you’re saying and what to say next and what you already said??”

In other words, how do you structure content on video?

It’s super easy to hit record, start mumbling and lose your audience immediately if you don’t think through what you want to say before you begin.

The easiest formula I know for quickly creating short video content is to simply identify the main topic or point you want to make in your video, then brainstorm 3-5 supporting points, and a call to action.

If you open your video powerfully by letting your audience know exactly what to expect and why they should keep watching (i.e. your main point), then address your points in order, then summarize what you taught them, and leave them with some kind of call to action (to get started, to leave a comment, to subscribe to your channel) — you’ve got the makings of a great video.

Now, the question becomes: how do I remember what to say and when to say it?

There are a few different strategies.

The first is to simply keep your main points in your head and deliver them one after another.

If you have trouble remembering these, you can hang your main points on the wall behind your camera or have your cameraman hold up cues for you.

Another strategy is to incorporate visual cues into your shot — whether that’s pulling post-it notes off a wall to reveal new teaching points or simply having a white board behind you.

Whatever you chose to do, just know that the more practice you get, the more comfortable you’ll be delivering title structured videos that grab your audience’s attention in the first few 10 seconds and keep them watching to the very end.

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