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Info Product Revolution: How to Go Beyond Training & Create Experiences that Change Your Customers’ Lives

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Gina Hiatt, founder of Finish Agent, recently interviewed me for her Group Coaching Megasummit.

In this interview, I share the secrets behind how I’ve created such a deep sense of community in my group programs. If you’ve ever felt like your products or trainings are falling on deaf ears or that your customers aren’t stepping into action and implementing the strategies you teach them, then you’re going to want to listen to this interview.

I really believe that that my role as a coach and a trainer is to create the conditions in which transformation can happen.

Very few people change their lives because of information they read in a book somewhere. Research shows that most people act from emotions, not logic.

When you design your programs in a way that transcends information, transcends intellect, and creates a real world experience and community, you’ll not just change your customers’ lives, you’ll win fans for life.

Check out the interview here:

[audiojs url=”/audio/MMurgatroyd-GroupTele-2013-F.mp3″] [popup name=”info-product-revolution”]Download the FREE companion resources (transcript, MP3 audio, 2x-speed MP3 audio, kindle book)


The Group Coaching Megasummit is now over, but you can still register for the free gift and grab the replays.

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