Write Your "Love Letter" To The World

And Inspire Millions While Making Millions

Join us and create your exact "Message to Money" Pathway to inspire more people to invest more money in you more often to make a bigger difference in their lives...

What is your "Love Letter" to the world and why is it so important?

First of all, it's not an actual letter.

It's something MUCH bigger, MUCH more important and MUCH more impactful.

Your "love letter" to the world is your MESSAGE.

It's you getting crystal clear on what to do AND say to get more people to invest more money with you, more often, so you can make a MUCH bigger difference in their lives.

It's the essence of your business, your products, your services, and your brand.

It's what motivates you, and more importantly, what motivates your customers to do business with you.

Messages like these... have moved millions and literally changed the world we now live in:

Start with why. - Simon Sinek
Chicken soup for the soul. - Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
Design in not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs
Turn your wounds into wisdom. - Oprah Winfrey
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. - John Gray
Escape from Cubicle Nation. - Pamela Slim
Treatment originates outside you, healing comes from within. - Andrew Weil
The 4-Hour Workweek: escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich. - Tim Ferris
Courage is contagious. - Brene Brown
Just Do It. - Nike

Why having a "message" is more important today than it's ever been...

In business, getting and keeping the attention of your prospects literally comes before anything else -- and in today's world it's harder than it's ever been.

You only need to spend a minute or two on Facebook, or open your email inbox to see that the market has now reached a point of sheer "noise" and saturation that we've never seen before.

So, in today's world of 1.8 billion websites, how do you stand out from the noise and get the attention of the right people, for the right reasons?

Most people try to solve this by turning to the same set of tools, tactics and technologies, hoping they will give an advantage over everyone else.

Newsflash: they're busy fine tuning the stuff that REALLY doesn't matter. And they're NOT paying enough attention to what DOES matter: having a message worth listening to, that the world can fall in love with.

When the world falls in love with your message, amazing things happen

Whether you're just getting started and want to make sure you're doing the right things, or whether you're established and want to break through to the next level, going out the door with the right message is the fastest and easiest path to business success you'll ever find.

And the best part? You don't need a big marketing budget to make this work.

In fact, on this page I'm going to show you a way we can work together over three days to pull your unique message out of you so that:

You naturally cut through the noise with your marketing, and begin to notice customers and clients are coming to you. You can impact the world and your bottom line, in a huge way.

My name is Marisa Murgatroyd and I've helped thousands of people identify and turn their unique message into real impact and money.

From struggling entrepreneurs, authors and coaches to industry luminaries and heavyweights such as Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely, Bill Baren, Sage Lavine, and Susan Peirce Thompson.

Here's What Happens When You Take a Message-First Approach In Your Business & Marketing:

"I feel much less overwhelmed"

"What I realized is that I have been chasing a lot of strategies that a lot of people are sort of selling that are completely inappropriate for where I am in my business at the moment and I realize that I really need to strip back and keep it simple and go one step at a time. Marisa has made that so clear that I actually feel much less overwhelmed by what I need to do to go forward. And it seems a lot more straightforward. So that for me it's a good thing."

- Lori West

"I expanded my influence globally"

"Marisa's Message to Money LIVE was a truly inspiring event. From the networking value, to the honing of our marketing & taglines, to practicing storytelling as part of our presentations, to punching up our web site impact, the weekend was filled with valuable and useful secrets, tips & techniques.

I've used the knowledge gained at Message to Money LIVE to clarify my message, make much better presentations to groups and individuals, and expand my influence globally. I highly recommend Marisa's teaching and this event in particular!"

- Mark Bosnian

"Gave me the confidence to really find my voice"

"I knew in my heart what my perspective was on how we should build private practices but I was really scared to put it out there. It wasn't what my colleagues always thought was the best approach. I kind of feel like we should embrace working with insurance companies as a tool to build our practices and most folks are like, "No you go the cash pay route, who wants to deal with insurance companies?" But I see the potential that's there. And I really wanted to nurture people in getting that, but it took a lot of bravery and courage for me to stand against the tide in my industry and say something that's just a little different.

And from the very first day at Message to Money LIVE, Marisa talked to me about owning that message and just putting it out there. That, whether people like it or don't, at least they feel some kind of way about it. And just to be bold in saying what your opinion is so you can have a tribe of people who agree with you and you can nurture them and grow them.

And so it gave me such confidence and courage to just speak my mind when it came to what I think in the field. And as I started to do that, little by little, I noticed people were listening and those blog posts that I wrote that were really about my perspective on working with insurance companies were the ones that got the most comments and that were shared. Those were the ones that people wanted to hear. So all this time I've been afraid of speaking up, but my tribe had been waiting for me.

And it was Message to Money LIVE that gave me the confidence to really find my voice."

- Samara Stone

Join Us for Message to Money LIVE (Feb 15-17, 2019) and Together, Let's Find Yours

There are thousands of people out there who are hoping to find someone just like you to help them solve their problems and realize their dreams.

My step-by-step process will pull your unique, "hooky" marketing message out of you, the one that creates bonds with your customers, so you can pull in an abundance of good will, money, time and freedom.

And, we don't JUST help you identify and craft your precise marketing message. You'll also walk out with your exact Message to Money Pathway to turn prospects into student, customers and clients!

All this comes from...

3 days of laser focus on YOU and YOUR business...

  • What you sell
  • How you sell it
  • When you sell it
  • The exact words you use to sell it
  • A step-by-step plan you'll use to achieve the results you and your customers most desire, along with a rock-solid business strategy to guide you.

And doing it all in a way where both you and your customers feel great about what you're selling and how you're going about doing it.

And I don't mean a bunch of big picture theory...

This is like taking a gourmet cooking class where you get the exact recipe to follow. Then, with me and my team helping you every step of the way, we turn it into a delicious meal.

When we're done, you have the exact knowledge, the plan, and the confidence you need to succeed.

So, no, it's the exact opposite of thoery. In fact..

Once You Have Your Message It's Time to Turn It Into Money & Impact

Together we'll develop your Message to Money Pathway which is a fill-in-the-blanks template that walks you through how to think about and create every element of your business, from where you are right now all the way up to a 6 or 7 figure business (or even higher, if that's your goal.)

And almost unbelievably, it's just one double-sided sheet of paper.

Seriously, this is one amazing template, and the people who have seen it would agree it's worth coming just to get it.

And during our 3 days together I'll walk you through how I implemented the Message to Money Pathway in my own business and show you how it took me from my very first offer to making over $3M in sales in just a few short years, and a tribe of over 80,000 raving fans.

By the time you're done, you'll have defined your customer's ENTIRE journey in your business, from initial contact to first purchase to every additional product they'll purchase from you to get the ultimate result they desire... and get you to the business of your dreams!

You'll Walk Out With Your Entire Business on One Sheet Of Paper

On Side 1 of this Document, You'll Draw Your Message To Money Pathway...

Side one is where you plan the exact experience you'll create for your customer each step of the way, turning prospects into followers, customers, repeat customers, success stories, raving fans and referral partners.

You will learn why traditional sales funnels are NOT the best way to build your business and why your Message to Money Pathway is a simpler and far more successful approach to getting customers to invest in working with you over and over again... that puts the customer journey and relationship first and does NOT involve cranking your customers through the traditional high pressure sleazy money machine.

Yet it naturally takes your prospects down the path from their first purchase to many repeat purchases and is the secret to maximizing revenue by solving your customers' biggest problems.

We'll map out the exact journey your prospects will take from first encounter to customer (& repeat customer), and how to build your entire business around it, so you can see exponential and organic growth.

On The Other Side, You'll Sketch Out Your Customer Experience Journey

This is where you get to have the experience of walking in your customer's shoes. You'll define the experience you want them to have each step of the way, creating trust, increased commitment, and improved results.

Your unique Customer Experience Journey is what really inspires your customers to want to buy from you again and again, and it will show you exactly what products, programs and services to offer your customers and when to do so.

When you're done, you'll have your path mapped out, from where you are right now all the way up to a 6 or 7 figure business (or even higher, if that's your goal.)

All you gotta do is follow the simple steps.

This one document has resulted in millions of dollars in my clients' pockets

"I got three 5-figure clients!"

"The Customer Journey I wrote last year at Message to Money LIVE led to my most exciting VIP day ever this year - an out of the world experience for me AND my client!

I wanted to find a way to finance my travel to Germany - had no idea where to start. So I looked at the Customer Journey and it included a retreat at a later stage of the journey. I wasn't ready to run the retreat I have in mind for the future. But looking at it inspired me to offer a completely different VIP day to my existing, low-to-middle-end product clients.

2 of them accepted -- allowing me to stay at Marina Bay Sands - a hotel in Singapore which charges a minimum $500 a night! I showed a FB Live from the pool on the 57th floor (yes, I took the phone into the water) and all the friends and clients who have ever heard about Singapore know that you can only get to this extraordinary infinity pool if you stay at the hotel for at least one night. The FB Live had a big impact and one totally inspired ex client sent a PM immediately and within 3 days we had agreed on a similar VIP day later this year. One client might not sound much, but it's a 5-figure investment.

Without the Customer Journey I would not have come up with a "retreat feel" personal VIP day and gotten three 5-figure clients."

- Iris Huebler, Superfood Acadmey

"Implementing the Message to Money Pathway / Customer Experience Journey in my business was life changing for me."

"I learned that a business strategy has to make sense from both the customer perspective AND the business perspective. This gave my business offerings focus, and allowed me to capitalize on having long-term customer relationships.

This model allowed me to think strategically about my "best next step". What I create first should not be everything I can do, but one focused piece of a larger aligned set of eventual offerings.

My Ultimate Result provided an energizing VISION for folks taking the first step, and keeps me customer-centered on "end game" benefits for my clients. This is a powerful help to saying NO to tempting distractions in my business."

- Richard Zultner

"This model has changed how I think about creating new products"

"The Message to Money Pathway I learned at Message to Money LIVE has a permanent home in my brain and 'ring the doorbell' when I have an idea for a new service or product.

Pre-Pathway I would develop a service for whatever was asked of me and give them what they want but now I ALWAYS say to myself, "Self, so they want XXX but then, What's Next? Will XXX lead to a What's Next?"

What can I do to give them value and then move them along the journey to offer even more value?"

- Janine Gregor, Your Virtual Dream Team

"The first client who was offered the products on the pathway I developed went from a $35 initial purchase to investing nearly $15,000 with me in less than six months!"

The Message to Money Pathway / Customer Experience Journey Model has completely revolutionized the way I view product development and offer creation.

I've never been short on what I thought were good ideas, but whereas in the past I would just develop whatever offer was currently winning the 'idea war' in my head, Marisa's approach has given me a simple, clear model to follow and allowed me to focus on the right offers at the right time, for both my business and my clients.

This model works. I was so inspired by the power of this model, that I recently revamped my entire suite of offers to ensure everything fits with my Pathway and I can't wait to see the impact this has on my business.

- Domonique Bertolucci

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