Why stick with a "good enough" business when you have the potential for a blockbuster?

Work With Me to Create the Quantum Leaps
that Can Scale Your Business to 7-Figures and Beyond


Closed Until 2019

Are you established in your business and have a big vision of scaling to
7 figures and beyond?

Are you ready to nail your "One Big Thing" that takes the world by storm?

Are you making at least $100K a year and poised to scale to the next level?

If so, then Mastery is for you!

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it...

is to leave the world of small incremental progress behind and make a quantum leap in your business and personal leadership in the next 12 months so you can build an enduring company, brand and culture with the capacity to scale to multiple 7 figures and beyond.

You'll do this in Year One's
"Internet Millionaire" track by:

• Designing your blockbuster hit product and creating a world-class experience that gets your clients and customers hooked on the wins that come from doing business with you

• Building a massive, rabidly loyal tribe on email, social media and beyond

• Creating a monster marketing campaign to fast-track your clients, sales and impact

• Crafting a plan to add another zero to your bottom line through evergreening and scaling your business

Then you'll have the option to join us for Year Two's "Internet Famous" track where you'll:

• Implement your Internet Famous revenue model—a rock-solid business plan to monetize your following and bullet-proof you against the constant winds of change in the economy, social media, and internet marketing

• Create a world-class brand and web presence that positions you as a global thought leader

• Become the "it" guy or girl by publishing your content everywhere and harnessing the power of authorship

• Leverage speaking and events to activate the multiplier effect in your business (plus you'll get to shadow me and the team at our 7th annual signature event, which attracts an audience of hundreds and brings in 7 figures in a weekend)

You'll be supported along the way not only by me and my all-star team, but by Guest Masters like:

• conversion expert Jason Fladlien

• launch expert Jeff Walker

• business scaling expert Roland Frasier

• social media expert Mari Smith

• affiliate marketing expert Matt McWilliams

• offer crafting expert Todd Brown

• and many more.

Imagine spending the next year learning from the Masters of Marketing & Business alongside an intimate and powerful group of no more than 20 visionary entrepreneurs.

Imagine being able to not only uplevel your business strategies, but your thinking, beliefs and actions around your business so you can unlock the holy grail of exponential growth -- while improving your lifestyle, building engagement around your brand, and delivering a world-class customer experience.

That's the journey I'd like us to take together. Are you ready?

What got you to where you are now, won't get you to where you want to go.

Mastery is for you if you're currently making at least 6 figures or even 7 or multi-7 figures right now in your business.

If you're not quite there yet, then our other year-long program, Next Level Mentorship, is designed to get you to 6 figures.

But once you've achieved that 6 figure+ business like you have, that's when the stakes start to get higher. That's when it starts to become even more important to focus on the strategies that will allow you to scale your business smoothly not just in the next 12 months, but for years to come.

There are two challenges in trying to scale your business:

• The first is that what got you to where you are now, won't get you to where you need to go.

• And the second is that your "superpower" doesn't tend to work on yourself.

We all have "blind spots" we run into where it's hard for us to get a good perspective on what we need to do simply because we're too close to our business.

Sometimes, to have that "breakthrough," you need that outside perspective.

Studies show that it's almost impossible to scale a business past $500K - $1M without outside help

Having mentors has played a huge role in our success. In fact, it's one of the biggest reasons that we've been able to see the kind of success that we have. Doubling our business almost every year for the past 6 years, surpassing the $3M mark last year, and building an actively engaged tribe of over 80,000 people.

Our success has been in part because of the people that I've chosen to be my mentors. This year alone, Murray and I will invest well over $100,000 in private coaching, masterminds, and high-level communities, for the very simple reason that it gets results.

It's so important for us to learn from the experts who have accomplished what we're trying to do and who can give us the benefit of their knowledge and ideas as we go forward.

Even though we know plenty of experts and influencers who give us their advice for free, something changes when we invest and commit to a structured program.

But not all masterminds are created equally...

Some masterminds promise a lot of personal coaching and one-on-one attention, but don't really deliver. So at the end of the year, you're left with tons of inspiration but little to show for it…

Others rely solely on the in-person events, and you're left floundering in-between wondering what to do next.

And still others add almost nothing more than bringing bright people together and hoping you'll find value in the connections.

Mastery is different in a few very important ways. Not only does it have a very specific, done-with-you curriculum based on quarterly themes, which I'll talk about in a moment, but you'll have the opportunity to learn from an A-list roster of Guest Masters who are the best in the world at what they do, in addition to learning from me, Marisa.

At the end of a Mastermind do you want to say, "Well, it was expensive, but I learned
a ton"?

Or do you want to be able to say "I DID a ton -- and added another zero to my
bottom line"?

Learn from the Masters of
Internet Marketing & Business

An elite line-up of Guest Masters will be leading virtual sessions and participating in our life-changing retreats.

You'll learn how to launch from Jeff Walker, whose Product Launch Formula has been responsible for over $500 million in sales in virtually every industry.

You'll be learning conversion from Jason Fladlien, who consistently grosses the top webinar sales numbers in the online marketing industry.

You'll learn how to scale from Roland Frasier, who has been involved in over 100 private and public offerings, run international hedge funds, and created presentations and marketing campaigns for major brands.

You'll learn how to focus and scale your personal impact from Perry Marshall, who literally wrote the book on 80/20 sales and marketing and is one of the most expensive business coaches in the world.

You'll learn how to get your email delivered, opened and read from Heather Tankersley, who specializes in email delivery and profitability.

You'll learn how to nail your offer from Todd Brown, who has played a major role in crafting and communicating offers in dozens of successful launches.

Join a Tribe of Star Players

We are gathering a tribe of passionate entrepreneurs where everyone's a star player with an amazing set of superpowers. We're building a trusted and intimate group of brilliant minds who can use their superpowers to help you get to the heart of your toughest business challenges and solve them.

The value of having that kind of community to turn to, that kind of support and guidance... is priceless.

Here's a taste of what it will be like to be a part of that community, and the kind of results that people are getting:

"My first major internet marketing launch did almost $200K and exceeded my dream goal metrics."

"My first major internet marketing launch did almost $200K and exceeded my dream goal metrics. This is significant not only from a business perspective; more importantly, it means my message is reaching the people who need it. I used all the principles Marisa taught us for bonuses, a super bonus, and a super guarantee. I didn't do anything special with the "selling" I simply announced it. And people wanted it!"


"She lights us up. And then she holds us accountable."

"It's easy to get lost in a sea of business coaches who are all teaching the same techniques that worked well -- 10 years ago. I know, because I'm a business strategist and I coach some of those coaches! Whee! So when I wanted my own Master Coach and teacher, to help me grow my brand and audience, I knew what I wanted.

I wanted someone on the cutting-edge of the industry, ahead of the trends, and brilliant enough to help me create a strategy that would be really different, evolutionary, classy, and uniquely ME. I got her. Marisa.

She's so uniquely tuned in to what WORKS, that many of the top marketing geeks (the ones no one ever gets to talk to) have her on speed-dial. And because of that, we get the top marketing geeks coming in to teach us their specialty, just cause they LOVE and respect Marisa. Between them and Marisa herself, and her incredible team, we get the best of the best teachers.

Marisa simply operates at a higher level. I've never met anyone like her. She's worth every penny."


"I increased my income by 50% and my profit by more than 60% this year..."

"...despite unexpectedly taking several months off and only working part time in the other months. I couldn't have achieved this outcome without the support from Mastery. For me, it's really important to have a business that fits into my desired lifestyle and not the other way round.

In the beginning I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for the Mastery program. I felt I should have grown my business a bit more before signing up. But within 2 weeks I knew I had made the right decision. With the support from Marisa's team and the Mastery community, it was a lot easier and a lot more fun to grow the business."


What Our Journey Together
Looks Like

Each quarter we tackle one core theme essential to exponential growth.

Just one quantum leap idea, well executed, could be the key to adding millions to your business, and you'll receive at least one breakthrough idea each quarter. Implement just one of these and it'll be well worth your investment to join us.

We have two tracks in the program, each lasting 12-months: the Internet Millionaire Track and the Internet Famous Track, because you need both money and authority to unlock the holy grail of exponential growth. They go hand-in-hand. You want to be able to cultivate internet fame and you also want to be able to make your fortune. Both of these give you a platform for massive impact.

We cover one track per year and we invite you to join us for at least one year and ideally two!

The Internet Millionaire Track starts on April 1, so apply now to guarantee your spot since enrollment is limited to 20.

Each quarter will include 7 live training calls with Marisa and our all-star team of Guest Masters, monthly hot seat calls with Marisa, and monthly mastermind calls with Don "Get It Done" Crowther, as well as private coaching slots with both Marisa and Don.

We're going to get to know your business and be intimately familiar with your unique situation, so that we can work together to get you where you want to go.

We're also going to get together once a quarter over the course of the year for 4 Quantum Leap Retreats that you can attend live in person or virtually.

These Retreats are not only going to be about implementing what we've learned, we're also going to have a lot of fun doing it, with plenty of surprises and adventures along the way.

According to Forbes, 2016 was a record year for the richest people on earth, as the number of billionaires jumped 13% in 2015 alone. The internet is a big reason why wealth continues to explode.

Yet it's becoming harder and harder to make millions online -- let alone billions -- as more and more people flood the market.

Luckily, Mastery gives you a crucial edge.

You see, the key to your internet millions is not what you think.

It's not about perfecting your funnel or conquering that one hot platform -- though those things are great and they do help. Rather, it's about defining the "One Big Thing" your business is really about in a way that parts the clouds and takes the world by storm. That sets you up not just to have a blockbuster product, but a blockbuster business.

If you think you already have it, then why hasn't it brought you millions yet?

Trust me, when you have it, it will…

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it --

... is to design, launch and evergreen a blockbuster hit product with the potential to generate 7 figures a year, while building a massive, rapidly loyal tribe on email, social media and beyond.



Design Your Blockbuster Hit Product:
Create a World-Class Experience that Gets Clients & Customers Hooked on You

The key to growing your business to the next level is to have a blockbuster hit product that defines your career, puts you on the map and has the potential to scale to 7 figures and beyond.

Yup, one product can do all that.

Yet few people have achieved this holy grail of product creation. Most people crank out products that either aren't scaleable or that flatline at a 5 or 6 figure per year revenue.

When I created the Experience Product Masterclass and broke through to our first 7 figure launch, I realized that the energy of a blockbuster hit is fundamentally different than the energy of a "regular" product.

It's a different thought process to engineer a blockbuster and -- in the most crowded market the world has ever seen -- you can't afford to miss the mark. Good enough is no longer good enough.

You have to nail your hook, differentiate your offer, and simply make a better product that people really WANT to buy, consume and talk about.

We'll kick off this quarter by creating and evaluating your customer journey to discover your biggest opportunity. Then you'll design or (re)design your blockbuster hit product starting with your hook and every aspect of your offer -- from an irresistible guarantee to the intoxicating Moment One win they achieve as soon as they buy.

Whether you're creating a yearlong Mastermind, a 1:Many Experience Product® or an ultra-premium service offering, you'll leverage our signature Experience Formula to "experiencify" your product, so you get your students, customers, and clients hooked (in a good way) on taking action, getting results, and buying from you over and over again.

Get this right and you'll create a healthy business model where 80% of your revenue comes from back-end sales so you don't have to constantly hustle to get new people in the door.

Guest masters for this quarter include:

• Todd Brown, Master of Offer Creation

• Bradley Morris, Master of Themed Product Creation

Design Your Blockbuster Hit Product Retreat

May 3-5, 2018 - LYM HQ, Marina del Rey, CA

Join us in person or virtually mid-way through this quarter. Together we'll roll up our sleeves and dig in to your blockbuster product.

Day 1: The Holy Trifecta of Product Sales

We'll kick off the retreat with an immersion into the first three steps of the Experience Escalation Plan for your product -- your Product Mission, Future Self Vision and Bird's Eye View System. I call this the "holy trifecta" of product sales since these 3 things do more to turn a "good enough" product into a blockbuster hit than anything else I know. We'll workshop these 3 elements of your product until you have a product hook that truly sings.

Day 2: Crafting a Blockbuster Offer

Most people focus all their time and energy creating an amazing product, when it's really your offer that makes the biggest difference in front-end sales. During this day, we'll workshop every aspect of your offer including your headline, bonuses, scarcity, urgency and guarantee. You'll walk away with your entire offer on one single mindmap that will get you ready to launch.

Day 3: Experiencification Lab

Once you open the floodgates with the right offer, you're going to want to pave the way to off-the-charts customer results and repeat sales by experiencifying your product. We'll spend the day creating the rest of your Experience Escalation Plan from Constant Wins to Mission Accomplished, as well as mapping out your Product Creation & Delivery Roadmap.


Accelerated Tribebuilding:
Build a Mass of Raving Fans

Your business is only as successful as the size and engagement of your tribe. The biggest limitation most entrepreneurs face in scaling their business to the next level is reach.

Your platform is the number of people you can reach when you send an email, post on social media, write a book, or launch a product. You can't scale without building your platform and expanding your reach -- exponentially.

When you have a platform, all of a sudden you can line up the biggest JV partners, get lucrative book deals with huge advances, receive invitations to speak on the largest stages, and join high-level peer masterminds.

The challenge is that it's becoming harder and harder to not only build your reach, but keep them engaged and connected. FB ads are becoming more expensive and less effective and it will only get worse. Plus, as email deliverability and open rates go down, it's mission critical to segment and clean your existing list while finding new ways to build and engage your tribe on social media and beyond.

You'll also:

• Learn how to grow a tribe of buyers on email and social media as fast as possible

• Craft a content marketing strategy to attract new visitors to your site and position you as the pre-eminent expert in your field

• Repurpose your content in search-engine friendly ways

• Define your editorial calendar to make sure you're hitting the right balance between value and promotion to your existing tribe

• And quickly gain the trust and connection you need to inspire your tribe to buy from you and share you… all over the internet.

Guest masters for this quarter include:

• Michael Drew, Master of Engagement

• Josh Turner, Master of LinkedIn

• Pete Williams, Master of Automation & Outsourcing

• Heather Tankersley, Master of Email Deliverability

• Steve Olsher, Master of Podcasting

• Allyson Byrd, Master of Profit Acceleration

• Kat Walters, Master of Instagram

• Alina Vincent, Master of Online Challenges

Accelerated Tribebuilding Retreat

August 2-4, 2018 - Asheville, NC

Mid-way through the quarter, we'll gather again for a powerful tribebuilding immersion in a fun new location.

Day 1: Content Creation Workshop

We'll kick off our retreat by crafting a custom content marketing strategy to engage your existing tribe and reach new audiences. You'll discover the highest-converting types of content for your specific site, tribe and social media following to generate the most opt-ins, followers and leads. You'll also dial in a system to regularly release new content that maximizes your ROI on time, money and effort to create it.

Day 2: Listbuilding Lab

Together we'll design a tribebuilding event with the potential to quickly add 5,000+ prospects to your email list, while simultaneously building your text message and FB Messenger lists. (If you're not already using texts and bots, wait to you see what a difference it makes).

You'll also learn how to implement small but vital changes to turn almost every page of your site into a lead-generating machine (not just your landing pages), as well as how to mobile-optimize your site to improve engagement and conversions from the 50%+ of your traffic that visits your site using mobile devices.

Finally, you'll create a win-win JV partnership strategy that leverages other people's audiences and relationships without burning out your own list with too many reciprocal promotions.

Day 3: Social Media Saturday

No tribebuilding retreat would be complete without creating a social media strategy. We'll deep dive into leveraging FB live, ads, groups and Messenger bots. We'll also explore LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. You'll choose which channel you want to focus on and how to build a community and maximize ROI on that specific channel. We'll also audit and mastermind your current social media presence and level of engagement and suggest specific changes to improve your branding, strategy and ROI.


Create a Monster Marketing Campaign:
Your Fast Track to Clients, Sales and Impact

Have you heard stories of 6 and 7 figure launches and wondered when it would be your time to run your own?

When you launch the right marketing campaign, it can put you on the map with your prospects and peers and show the world that you're ready to join the ranks of the top leaders in your field.

The top online marketers do one big, business-defining launch each year. It's your time to do the same.

In this quarter you'll set minimum, target and stretch goals for your launch, then reverse engineer your campaign strategy including story arc, traffic, partners, sequencing and launch assets -- lead magnets, videos, sales pages, squeeze pages, FB ads, emails, segmentation and more.

With our help, you'll choose the campaign or combination of campaigns that will best support your goals, reach and resources. Then implement everything you need to actually launch.

You'll also learn how to integrate upsells, downsells and backend offers to maximize profit, offset costs, and turn more leads into buyers.

I'll share my proven scripts and templates for campaign videos, sales pages, emails, lead magnets and more, so you know you have a solid foundation to start from.

Guest masters for this quarter include:

• Jeff Walker, Master of Product Launches

• Jason Fladlien, Master of Webinar Conversion

• Matt McWilliams, Master of Affiliate Management

• Bret Gregory, Master of Viral FB Ads

Create a Monster Marketing Campaign Retreat

November 1-3, 2018 - LYM HQ, Marina del Rey, CA

Join Marisa, Don and the Mastery Tribe for 3-days of focused action and implementation to craft your very own Monster Marketing Campaign.

Day 1: The Product Launch & Strategy Lab

Your marketing campaign is only as good as your strategy. We'll mastermind the story arc and sequencing behind your campaign and make sure you walk away with a rock solid flowchart, plan and schedule for your entire launch. We'll also workshop key conversion events and assets from your webinars to your landing pages, so you know you'll have what it takes to turn leads into buyers.

Day 2: Traffic & Conversion Workshop

When you do what I call "the marketing math" you'll quickly realize that there are only two ways to double the size of your launch -- either double your leads or double your conversion rate. On Day 2, we'll craft a traffic and partner strategy to hit your launch goals. You'll learn how to build relationships, and manage and motivate JV partners to 5-20x your sales.

We'll also discuss how to track every element of your marketing campaign (so you know exactly what works and what doesn't), what kind of tests to implement to improve your campaign success, and how to find the technical help you need to run a flawless launch.

Day 3: Email & Copy Lab

No matter what kind of marketing campaign you choose to run, you're going to need copy -- everywhere. From your landing pages to your emails, you need to understand how to tap into the Psychology of Conversion to improve your results, while identifying and addressing the pain points, objections and hidden desires of your audience. You'll walk away with several core pieces of copy written and vetted by the tribe.


Go Evergreen & Scale Your Business Retreat:
How to Add Another Zero to Your Bottom Line

In this quarter, we'll focus on the Holy Grail of having an online business: creating consistent, passive, evergreen or automated revenue through online marketing. You'll learn different models for scaling your business and together we'll choose the best approach for you.

Whether you choose to evergreen your blockbuster hit product or create FB ads leading into a high-ticket service or Mastermind, this is your opportunity to get off the launch rollercoaster and rest assured that you'll know how to shatter your revenue ceiling and create clients and money on demand.

You'll learn the ins and outs of measuring ROI on evergreen ad campaigns, building a sales team, and cold traffic conversion.

You'll also learn how to scale your advertising affordably, avoiding the "scaling penalty" Facebook usually charges people trying to expand the reach of their advertising beyond an initial small group. You'll capitalize on some of the most powerful algorithms in existence to only show your ads to the people who are most likely to buy -- reducing your advertising costs and reaching people you could never affordably reach otherwise.

We'll also focus on how to evergreen and scale your products and marketing without losing the human touch that has made you successful up to this point. You can rest assured that you'll scale without losing the pulse or soul of your company.

Guest masters for this quarter include:

• Roland Frasier, Master of Scaling Companies

• Perry Marshall, Master of The 80/20 Rule

• Ajit Nawalkha, Master of Scaleability

• Julie Lowe, Master of Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Sales

• Jack Born, Master of Evergreen Funnels

Go Evergreen & Scale Your Business Retreat

January 17-19, 2019 - LYM HQ, Marina del Rey, CA

Let's kick the year-off together by imagining what your business could look like when all limitations are removed, then actually creating the evergreen marketing and delivery systems you need to get new customers on a daily basis.

Day 1: Evergreen Delivery

On Day 1, we'll iron out all the details of how to convert your launch-based programs into evergreen ones, enabling you to make the change seamlessly while maintaining (and oftentimes improving) the way you service your clients and customers. We'll create a plan to automate your program delivery -- the key to effective evergreening -- while integrating intimacy, connection and a human touch to ensure your customers feel just as thrilled and motivated as they do when you deliver your program in real time.

Day 2: Evergreen Marketing

On Day 2, we'll craft a plan for converting your successful marketing campaigns into evergreen campaigns that put cash in your bank, day-after-day, for years -- reliably padding your income, and stripping tons of stress right out of your life. You'll learn how to add authentic urgency and scarcity to your evergreen offers. You'll also identify, track and dashboard key metrics, so you can keep your profit machine running without a hitch.

Day 3: Evergreen Teams, Systems & Implementation

Evergreening your products and marketing is more of a science than it is an art. On Day 3, we'll help you create the systems you need to organize your team and ensure seamless product delivery and marketing implementation. We'll also roll up our sleeves and implement some of the more challenging parts of evergreen delivery and marketing so you leave this retreat with key assets in place and ready to roll!

Internet fame doesn't always come with income. There are many thought leaders who are great at being famous… but not so good at making money.

If you want to make a massive impact, you'll do it best with both fame and fortune. Not necessarily for its own sake (though there's nothing wrong with that), but for the sake of the lifestyle freedom it affords you and the ability to influence others.

The world belongs to those who have a following and know how to lead it.

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it --

... is to become internet rich and famous (in a good way) by:

• implementing your Internet Famous revenue model -- a rock-solid business plan to monetize your following and bullet-proof your business

• creating a world-class brand and web presence that positions you as a global thought leader

• harnessing the power of authorship by publishing and getting your content everywhere

• and leveraging speaking and events to activate The Multiplier Effect in your business.



Get Paid to Be You:
Implement Your Internet Famous Revenue Models

In this quarter, you'll define what I call your "three-legged stool" approach to building a rock-solid business plan to monetize your following. This will go beyond the usual Internet Famous model of coaching, speaking and books.

There are at least 21 different online business models and you'll choose your top 3, giving you financial stability and bullet-proofing you against the constant winds of change in the economy, social media, and internet marketing.

We'll also craft a plan to remove you as the bottleneck in your business by hiring the right people. We'll build your rockstar team and culture to support the long term vision of your business, including the systems and the legal, tax and financial foundation you need to create your business empire.

You'll finally feel confident knowing the day-to-day grind of your business is handled, so you can focus on your genius work and enjoy the free time you desperately crave.


Market of One: Create a World-Class Brand & Web Presence that
Positions You as a Global Thought Leader

It's time to step into your personal brand authority, and build a business where you're instantly recognized. Through your personal branding and thought leadership, you become a "Market of One" where you're the obvious and natural choice, above anyone else.

Instead of focusing on being better, you get to be different. Unmistakable, even. And as the competition quickly becomes irrelevant, it opens the doors to partnering with just about anyone in your industry.

In this quarter, you'll define your positioning and the core "viral" messages underlying your work so you can craft a movement around what you do.

We'll gift you with a professional photo shoot, home page video shoot and visual branding to make sure you look and sound like a million-bucks. We'll also collaborate in our quarterly retreat on building your personal brand website -- one that makes you and your name Google Gold.


Be the "It" Guy or Girl:
Authorship, Publishing & Getting Your Content Everywhere

Authorship and publishing is like strapping on a rocket pack to internet fame once you have a solid business foundation in place and you've dialed in your message, brand and positioning. It's THE key to becoming that "It" Guy or Girl, increasing your fees, and reaching a broader audience.

Whether you publish a book, start a podcast or contribute a regular column on the Huffington Post, Forbes, or some other global platform, you have the potential to cross over from being an industry leader to becoming a global thought leader. We'll show you the contributor platforms with the highest ROI, the best ways to succeed with each, and help you decide on the top 3 for you and your tribe. You'll also discover how the right book can build your list and turn subscribers into buyers.

Plus, we'll also go deep into how to significantly increase your reach through presenting your content to other peoples' audiences. Every time you're a guest on a podcast, do a partner webinar, or get interviewed on Facebook Live, you not only get exposure to their audience, but you also get their endorsement! We'll cover the best ways to get booked and what to say to entice large groups into joining your tribe, rather than relying on the usual drip-drip approaches to listbuilding.


Own the Stage:
Leveraging Speaking & Events to Take Your Business to the Next Level

More and more entrepreneurs are realizing that live events are the "secret sauce" of their business model. That's why our final quarter will focus on Speaking and Owning the Stage, including how to run your own live events, get butts in seats, captivate the room every time you speak, and sell from the stage.

You'll get to shadow me and the team at our 7th annual signature event, which attracts an audience of hundreds and brings in 7 figures in a weekend.

You'll discover the key to selling high-ticket programs like this one (and converting 30-50% of the room), while delivering a transformative and memorable experience for your guests.

You'll strengthen your voice and power from the stage and craft a compelling Speaker's Kit so you can book speaking engagements to increase your visibility and personal brand, as well as a strategy for leveraging speaking and events to activate The Multiplier Effect in your business.

Meet Your Mentors

The hallmark of a great mentor is both someone you like, respect and admire and someone who has done what you want to do.

Marisa Murgatroyd

Lead Mentor & Messaging Master

I'm the founder of Live Your Message, where I turn entrepreneurs into Online Superheroes. My own superpower is "translating essence into form." In other words, turning those vague ideas in your head into a catchy and quotable business message and a gorgeous brand.

I help entrepreneurs like you create a business that is authentic and aligned with who you are, so you can be the superhero to your tribe and change the world from your living room.

I learned the art and science of "how to get anyone excited about anything" in my award-winning career as a documentary filmmaker. While making movies about everything from dirt to methamphetamine addiction, I discovered the power of storytelling to instantly transform the conversation and move people to action.

From the time I first walked into a room and was greeted with, "I know you from the internet!," I realized the power of online marketing to take your message to millions and I've been hooked ever since!

At 4'11" and a quarter, I'm called the shortest woman in marketing -- and that doesn't stop me from having huge ideas. I'm the "go to" brand builder for industry luminaries and heavyweights such as Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Susan Peirce Thompson, Bill Baren, Alexis Neely, Evan Marc Katz, Josh Turner, Sage Lavine, and many more.

In addition to Live Your Message, I have 2 other active businesses -- a branding agency that's served 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure companies and thought leaders since 2009 and a SaaS company that I co-founded with my husband Murray in 2016.

So rest assured, I know what I'm doing when I help you build your online empire.

I live in Marina del Rey, California with the love of my life, Murray. Together, we've grown our online business from zero to over $3MM in just over 6 years, while building an amazing tribe of world-changing superheroes.

Don Crowther

Co-Mentor & Trainer

Don Crowther has made his living through the Internet since 1994.

He has been part of some of the biggest launches in online marketing history (his first launch brought in $3.5 million!) and is known for the way he applies classical marketing principles to the online world!

Don Crowther helps people add millions to their bottom lines by helping them generate huge amounts of highly-targeted traffic and sales online.

His clients range from the world's largest (the U.S. Federal government) to Fortune 100-level companies to startups and entrepreneurs worldwide.

At 6'4" he's sort of the opposite of Marisa, but when you add the two of them together, you get a massive 11'3" of brainpower, totally invested in helping YOU succeed!

His area of expertise includes traffic generation; ad copywriting, optimization and management; funnel creation, optimization and management; sales conversion optimization, social media management, content strategy and creation; white-label agency services; and strategic consulting.

Don lives just north of the Arctic Circle in Racine, Wisconsin with his wife, the world's most amazing redhead. He's the proud parent of 6 children (2 daughters, a son, and their spouses who choose to call him Dad), and dotes on his 5 adorable grandkids.

So far, Don has played a major role in creating 65 millionaires (including Marisa), and he's looking forward to you being his 66th!

Meet Our Guest Masters

In addition to learning from me and Don, you get to learn from the Masters of Marketing & Business. The best of the best in their industries who are changing the world as we know it… and will change your world too.

Ajit Nawalkha

Master of Scaleability

Allyson Byrd

Master of Profit Acceleration

Alina Vincent

Master of Online Challenges

Bradley Morris

Master of Themed Product Creation

Jason Fladlien

Master of Scaleability

Jeff Walker

Master of Product Launches

Josh Turner

Master of LinkedIn

Julie Lowe

Master of Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Sales

Kat Walters

Master of Instagram

Mari Smith

Master of Facebook Engagement

Matt McWilliams

Master of Affiliate Management

Michael Drew

Master of Engagement

Navid Moazzez

Master of Virtual

Perry Marshall

Master of The 80/20 Rule

Pete Williams

Master of Automation & Outsourcing

Roland Frasier

Master of Scaling Companies

Steve Olsher

Master of Podcasting

Todd Brown

Master of Offer Creation

What You Get

Each quarter of Mastery will include a 3 Day Quantum Leap Retreat plus 7 "get-it-done" live training calls with Marisa and our elite group of Guest Masters who are all leading experts in their respective fields. You'll also receive monthly hot seat calls with Marisa, and monthly mastermind calls with Don "Get It Done" Crowther, as well as private coaching slots with both Marisa and Don. We're going to get to know your business and be intimately familiar with your unique situation, so that we can work together to get you where you want to go.

(4) 3-Day Quantum Leap Retreats with Marisa & Our Guest Masters
($40,000 value)

(28) Get-it-Done Live Virtual Trainings with Marisa & Our Elite Group of Guest Masters ($14,000 value)

(12) Monthly Group Mastermind Calls with Don (90-mins) ($3,600 value)

(8) Group Hot Seat Sessions with Marisa (90-mins) ($4,000 value)

(4) Quarterly Private Double Your Investment Calls with Marisa (50-mins)
($8,000 value)

Unlimited Voxer (voice and text message) access to Marisa ($6,000 value)

(4) Quarterly Private Strategic Breakthrough Calls with Don (50-mins)
($8,000 value)

(8) Private Rapid Action Calls with Don (30-mins) ($8,000 value)

Unlimited Email and/or Voxer Access to Don ($6,000 value)

Lifetime access to our private Facebook group and membership site with all slides, worksheets and recordings for the trainings and retreats

Core Program Value:


Plus a Suite of Bonuses to Accelerate Your Growth

As a Mastery member you get access to the full Live Your Message Vault, which means that you get lifetime access to every program that we've ever created, including all of the 30-90 day Incubators in Blue Sky Mentorship & Next Level Mentorship.

You'll also get a year's complimentary membership in Heroic, the easiest software on the planet to create beautiful, branded websites that no other platform can match, in just minutes! (No more taking years to develop a client-attracting website. You'll finally have a beautiful site you're proud of.)

Plus a whole lot more:

Bonus #1: All Access Pass to the Live Your Message Vault ($28,437):

- Experience Product Masterclass Home Study Version ($1,997)

- Tao of Product Creation: Build Your Customer Journey ($1,997)

- Products & Services that Change Lives: Creating Transformational Results for Your Clients ($1,997)

- You Online: Fast Track Your Website & Business Systems ($1,997)

- Website ATM: Everything You Need to Sell Your Expertise Online ($1,997)

- Your Website in a Weekend Home Study Version ($997)

- Creating Customers for Life: The Perfect Membership Site with Don Crowther ($997)

- Speak! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business with Marisa and Don "Get It Done" Crowther ($997)

- Tribe: Build a List of Raving Fans ($1,997)

- Personal Brand Power ($697)

- Sales for Superheroes with Christine Dunn, LYM's Director of Sales & Fulfillment ($997)

- Zero to Hero: Getting Your First (or Next) Clients ($1,997)

- Clients on Demand: Take Your Sales & Marketing to the Next Level ($1,997) The Client Pipeline: Turning Your Passion Into a Real Business ($1,997)

- Niche Down, Profits Up ($997)

- Start With You Home Study Version ($997)

- Message to Money Live Event Recordings ($997)

- Internet Famous Interview Series: 15 extended interviews with leading internet marketers ($997)

- I'm Powerful Interview Series: 7 interviews & growing with leading personal development leaders ($997)

- The Presentation Technologies Workshop: Using the Latest Tools, Breakthrough Graphics and Video to Rock Your Audience's World with Don Crowther ($497)

- Hidden Story Power ($297)

Bonus #2: "How to Name Anything"+ My Font & Color Palette Templates
($997 Value)

Bonus #3: 1 Year Complimentary Heroic "Pro" Account
($997 Value)

Bonus #4: Quarterly Story Celebration Calls with Marisa ($2,000 value)

Bonus #5: 2 VIP Tickets to Return to M2M Live ($2,294 value)

Bonus Package Value:


Core Program Value:


Bonus Package Value:




$28,000 a year

or 12 installments of $2,667

Full Payment (Save $4,004 & receive "full payment" bonuses worth $12,000)

"Full Payment" Bonuses

Full Pay Bonus #1:

$4,004 Savings Off Monthly Payment Option

Full Pay Bonus #2:

2-Hour Private Quantum Leap Session with Marisa
($4,000 Value)

Marisa is known for giving masterful clarity and ninja-level feedback in just a matter of minutes… 2-hours of her laser-focused attention can cut through the confusion, save you years of time, and help you make that quantum leap in your products, brand and business.

Full Pay Bonus #3:

Half-Day Private Marketing Campaign
Review with Don Crowther ($8,000 value)

Don will review your complete marketing campaign from your emails and landing pages to your sales videos and traffic strategy. You can use this Review either before or after a major campaign or launch to get the expert feedback you need to skyrocket your results.

Full Pay Bonus Value:


Core Program Value:


Bonus Package Value:




$28,000 a year

or 12 installments of $2,667

Full Payment (Save $4,004 & receive "full payment" bonuses worth $12,000)

Apply Now: Registration is Open Just Once a Year & Spots Are Limited

Now if you think that Mastery might be a fit for you, here's how you can see if you qualify.

Step 1: Click on the "Apply Now" button below and fill out a brief application form. You'll answer a few questions about your business and what your goals are.

Step 2: Submit your refundable application fee of $450. My team and I are going to spend the time to carefully consider your application and we want to know that you're serious. If it's not a fit, we'll return your deposit.

Step 3: Schedule a call to talk with Marisa or Don. On this call we’ll answer your questions and help you decide whether this program is your next best step.

Keep in mind that you don't have to decide right now if Mastery is right for you...

Simply apply, be open to exploring the possibilities, and let's see where the journey takes us.

Our Students Have Done Extraordinary Things

"We are now set to at least double our annual sales."

"I could not have fathomed the value this past year was going to bring. It was by far the best decision I could have made for my business. We increased our annual sales by 13% but, more importantly, Marisa taught me how to brand and tell our story, which led to my organization being able to successfully pitch two other organizations to merge under our established brand."


"We grew Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press from $242,000 in 2016 to over $477,000 in 2017."

"2017 was my best year in business. Ever. We grew Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press from $242,000 in 2016 to over $477,000 in 2017. But the best part is that the revenue is on an upwards trajectory and I believe we're positioned to break the $1,000,000 mark in 2018!

Why? Because I joined Mastery and invested in myself to get the skills, leadership, strategies and relationships needed to continue to grow.


"I tripled my income, while finding a way to optimize and streamline everything."

"2017 was a very busy year! Just one session with Marisa led me to a $50K launch. I was invited to speak on 3 stages as well as launching my very own live event in Brazil! I launched a kickstarter campaign for my oracle deck and -- in less than 24 hours -- reached my Kickstarter goal. Since then I've sold almost 500 decks!

Every single retreat was amazing. The guests were brilliant. And I especially loved the opportunity to work closely with Marisa on my personal branding. She normally charges $50K for this and I got it free with Mastery. I also received amazing value from the coaching sessions with Don -- to have both him and Marisa beside you is gold."


Where are you going to be 12 months from now?

So I'd like you to close your eyes for a minute and imagine:

Where are you going to be 12 months from now?

Imagine you are running a profitable, scalable business, confident in the direction you're going and your plans for the future.

Imagine your accountant doing a double-take when he or she sees your figures for the year...

Now imagine you're happy and excited again to wake up each and every morning to work on your business, instead of feeling jaded and burnt-out.

I want to help you make this your reality when you join us in Mastery.

There's a beautiful African proverb that goes like this: "If you want to go far, go together..."

And if joining me, my team, these amazing Guest Masters and our incredible community feels good to you, I invite you to click the button below to apply.

I look forward to reading your application!