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Here’s What Life Looks Like After Mentorship

“I made over $30K!”

“I was very uncertain about how to proceed with my business and I didn’t know if I would be able to make money doing what I loved. I already had a successful brick‑and‑mortar business, but wanted to transition to something different. After the first retreat, I went from zero sales in my business to $6,500 by pivoting my business idea and applying the ‘chatterbox’ strategy. When I applied the Facebook and marketing strategies I learned to my brick-and-mortar business, I saw a huge difference in the number of clients I was getting and my income increased by another $24K.”


“My income is climbing and I am aiming to double my investment in this program by Message to Money Live!”

“Through Mentorship, I found a business structure and focus that utilizes my greatest gifts and talents and it is already profitable! My income is climbing and I am aiming to double my investment in this program by Message to Money Live. I now have the foundation to keep growing both as a business and a business woman. I have a sustainable and profitable business that I LOVE and the joy that only comes from fulfilling my soul’s purpose.”

Kat Knecht

“I increased my design proposal minimum to $5,000 and sold my first $10,000 package. To date, I’ve had two $50,000 sales!”

“My view of sales and the services I offer have changed drastically since joining Mentorship. I no longer feel the need to discount my services in order to make a sale. My mentor helped me work through my limiting money beliefs, allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of abundance rather than the pain of scarcity. The retreats are in-depth intensives that challenge you to think critically, brainstorm new ideas and continuously improve.”

Marvin W. Towler

“In some worlds, I am known as a brand story strategist. In my world, thanks to Marisa Murgatroyd, I believe I make legends.”

"If anyone ever came into Mentorship from a standing start it was me. I didn’t have a program, or even an idea of what I could become. I had a TEDx Talk, a crowdfunded book, a national sold out speaking tour, and the press coverage of a minor celebrity; but I had no business structure around all my achievements to sustain me once the media attention moved on, and the book sales wore off. I was constantly hustling; stumbling, then rising, then falling, and then rising again. I was barely surviving to the end of every month, crazy scared I might not feed my children any given Sunday.

Far too broke to really sign up, I knew that Marisa would change my life! I just leapt. I leapt into that fear of falling, and Marisa’s program unfurled my wings on the way. I made over £25k -- making my investment back by the 8th month in the program. But that is not the important part. I graduate with a clear Customer Journey, a full suite of products, a distinctive, effective and reliable formula, and a business that I can build a life around that I LOVE.”

Melanie Gow

“I went from trying to sound more spiritual than the next guy, to being uniquely me and telling my story.”

“The first sales copy I created after starting to work with Marisa was for our ‘Ka Ta See Advanced Study Program.’ We sent it to 20 people who were qualified to start that program and had 14 people join right away! 5 people recommended us to 3 others, to whom we didn’t send the letter, and they emailed us asking to talk.”

Helmut Wahrmann-Whitaker

“I turned my $15K investment into an over $100K business.”

“I not only tripled my investment in Mentorship but I was able to hit the 6-figure mark by the end of year. I plan to exceed that this year and am already off to a great start, having made $15,000 in January of 2019 alone! A 7-figure business is not only possible but doable for me now.”

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh