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How To Create a Business You Will Love

Whether you're seeking to start a new business or revive one that hasn't succeeded, you are about to discover a simple secret to creating your business and living your dreams. Scroll down to find out more!

Most people get started online because what they are really after is a different lifestyle.

They don’t want a 9-5 drive anymore and they don’t want to be chained to their business – even if they are working from home.

People want to be free to work according to their own schedule and yet make an impact doing what they love.

If you’ve had a dream of outrageous success, you’re about to discover a shortcut to making it happen.

My name is Marisa Murgatroyd and I’m the founder of Live Your Message and creator of “Message To Money”, an online coaching program for people who are tired of dreaming of success and want to start living it.

And it’s not just about making money; my students live their dreams of making an impact and becoming leaders in changing the world.

• Imagine going to sleep and waking up the next morning with new clients and deposits in your bank account without hours of grinding away at a job you don’t love.

• Or posting an article on your website or Facebook page and waking up to discover dozens of comments from raving fans or hundreds of likes. arrow


You Can Make A Difference

No my clients aren’t imagining their success. And it’s what you can have right now if you want it.

Here’s the bottom line: My clients live their message and attract passionate tribes. They become thought leaders in their field. You can too.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to be a well-known vet or coach people in your niche, I can help get you there faster. In fact, I’m not going out on a limb in saying that whether you are selling physical products, information products, or your services, I can take you by the hand and make your dreams come alive.

Today – more than ever before – we live in a 24 hour global economy. And this means your clients can find you (and buy from you) around the clock. arrow

Freedom To Live Your Life

A lot of people leave a brick-and-mortar business to build a virtual business. And then they are chained to their virtual business. It can happen to anyone. Before people realize it, their freedom is a dream once again.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that lots of people are successful online but sometimes it takes them years to get there. And they sacrifice their freedom and their family’s security to get there.

When you work with me, it all happens very quickly. In fact, it doesn’t take long before… arrow

Travel Polaroid
Get America Moving site - iPhone & iPad

The Magic Starts To Happen

Working together with me, we’ll make sure your website attracts and captures people who are going to become members of your tribe. And we’ll move on to grow a businessnot just a website.

A lot of people make a mistake and think their website IS their business. It’s not.

On today’s Internet, your website shouldn’t be about making sales. It’s about building relationships. Those relationships you have are going to pay off big time.

Let me give you an example… arrow

From Unknown To Best Selling Author

Laurie Dupar showed me her website. It failed the “3-second test” (which you’re going to learn about in my program). Gently I began making suggestions. I didn’t stop at her website. We did a makeover of her entire business.

Coaching for ADHD: before & after

In under a year, Laurie moved from unknown to best selling author with a huge coaching business. How was this possible? She chose to dominate those initial 3 seconds. Once you control the initial impression then anything is possible.

Laurie Dupar
“I’m now considered the ‘go-to’ expert in my field.”

“Since discovering Marisa just 12 months ago, I’ve been able to launch two books (including a #1 Amazon Bestseller), I’ve held a telesummit, launched several online information products and doubled my rates.

All this has resulted in a 160% increase in my income and a 400% increase in my list size. I’m now considered the ‘go-to’ expert in my field (ADHD Coaching) and I’m in the position where I can develop a new product every few months. I can’t imagine being able to do any of this without Message to Money.”

Laurie Dupar

Anything Is Possible.

One of my clients recently turned a childhood dream into a reality. Listen to his story…

As a kid, Bill was allergic to everything. Some days he was so sick he couldn’t even go outside and play with his friends. Looking out the window watching other children, he made a vow. He would become an allergist to make sure other people didn’t have to suffer.

Bill had a message that allergies don’t have to control your life and people can live symptom free. When we began working together, he had an idea for a product and a name for his company – but nothing else.

His goal was to become known as “America’s Allergist” but didn’t have any idea of how to get there. It was just a dream.

My training gave Bill a clear plan to take his life-saving message and build a business. Today the dream of that little boy looking out the window is a reality. He’s built an entire business in fulfillment of his dream.

This is what I hear time and again because… arrow

Bill Lanting

These Strategies Work In Any Economy

A lot of people are complaining that it’s impossible to be successful online today because of the economy. May I answer you in one word? Nonsense. Because my clients are growing their businesses and increasing their bottom line – totally immune to what’s going on “outside.” Here’s what some of them are saying:

Gina Hiatt
“I Made An Instant $20,000”

“Because of your work to help create my business systems, I was able to attract a sponsorship opportunity that put me in front of 700 people, got me 500 people on my mailing list, and made me $20,000

Gina Hiatt, Ph.D
Anna Graham Hunter

“Marisa Murgatroyd’s Message to Money program is by far the best investment I’ve made as I get my coaching business up and running. The combination of sessions jam-packed with incredibly valuable information and soul-searching exercises, the feedback-rich community of the private Facebook group, and Marisa’s attention to our individual questions during the coaching calls provides everything a new entrepreneur could want in terms of figuring out identity, branding, and marketing. Before I started the program, I was overwhelmed at everything I needed to do.

Thanks to Message to Money, I now have a crystal clear idea of where I’m going with my business, plus a impeccable example to follow as I begin to create online programs of my own. I tell EVERYONE how amazing this program is. I’ve invested in two others, and while the others were/are practical, yours was transformational.”

Anna Graham Hunter Job Happiness Coach
Roxana Hersans
“Amazing! Finally Got Clarity!”

“Marisa was amazing at helping me finally get some clarity around how to start my health and wellness business. Because I had so many ideas and a wide range of interests, I was feeling really stuck and didn’t know how to approach my branding or niching strategy. During our first call, Marisa helped me to focus on my message and to choose a company name that would be perfect for the all the areas of wellness that I am passionate about. Thank you also for being so generous with your time… I am so happy to be part of this program.”

Roxana Ray Love & Intimacy Coach for Introverts
Janine Wertalik Gregor
“Paid For Itself In The Very 1st Week!”

“The Message to Money course returned my investment the very first week I dialed into the first of seven live group coaching classes. Marisa worked personally with each and every student to ensure that all questions were answered on every single call. But my first ah-ha moment (one of many) was simply an inspiration that Marisa shared about the importance of having a website that would attract my ideal clients. She said, “Those first three seconds are either going to catapult you to success or leave you alone in the dark.” That was profound!

From this apex, all of the lessons Marisa teaches in the course stem from this 3-second statement. Further, Marisa fulfilled my additional quest for investing in ME. In session one she says, “…in this course, I am going to show you how to change and manage the market’s perception of you and what you do.” And she delivers”

Janine Wertalik Gregor Your Virtual Wizard
Melinda Bossenmeyer
“My Two Major Personal Goals Were Accomplished!”

“The Message to Money Course opened my eyes to new opportunities to monetize my content and provided me with both the confidence and tools to publish and sell reports, podcasts, videos and tool kits etc. The one-on-one coaching with Marisa provided many insights that I would have otherwise overlooked. Specifically, the help with the home page of my website was brilliant. In this course, my two major personal goals were accomplished as I re-engineered my message and rebranded for the current business environment and changing demographic. It afforded me the ability to connect with and reach new clients while remaining relevant and dedicated to my current ones. I highly recommend Message to Money to both new and experienced business owners alike. Joining the course will open doors to new possibilities you haven’t even imagined.”

Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D. Peaceful Playgrounds

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

I’ve had people writing to me, asking me for a plan to do something amazing with their business.

Unfortunately I can’t possibly reply in detail to everybody who gets in touch. I need to know a lot more about your business than you can give me in a simple email.

So if you’re serious about doing what it takes to build the “pro” level brand you need and and a website that boosts engagement, builds massive trust and makes great money too, then here’s what I’m going to do…

I’m opening enrollments to my groundbreaking program “Message to Money.”

So, with your permission, I’d like to tell you what you’re going to discover over the next 60 days as we build your business together. arrow

Introducing Message To Money

Scroll down to see what’s included in our exclusive 6 Module + Quickstart Package!


3 Seconds To Success

There’s an old saying: “Perceptions are Reality.” And it’s our job to provide the best possible reality when people first experience you. This applies to every aspect of your business from the way you introduce your niche to those vital initial perceptions of your website. You will discover how your tribe sees you in those critical seconds and – more importantly – what you can do about it.

There is no more important lesson for you to internalize than the first three seconds are going to either catapult you to success or leave you alone in the dark.

Module 1

Your Roadmap to Freedom

Most entrepreneurs say they have a message and they want to translate it into money. But if they become buried in their business, they may have financial success but at the loss of time to do what they love. History is filled with stories of people who woke up one day and said, “why did I spend so much time working on my business.”

Financial freedom is everyone’s right but it should not be at the expense of slavery to your business. In this session, I’m going to walk you through your roadmap to freedom. At the same time, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you the path to success.

At this point, some people get a gleam of excitement in their eyes. Others have a smile begin to creep up on their faces because they are beginning to understand their dreams are going to come true.

Module 2

Empowering Your Message

If you are like most of my students, you have a message you feel compelled to deliver. Unfortunately for most people, the message ends up like a Zen Koan. “If you say something on your website and no one hears it, did it make a sound?

Most people feel a calling compelling them forward to become the market leader. Yet these people feel incredibly frustrated when they are unable to connect. You already know what you want to say. I’m going to show you how to deliver it so it is heard.

In today’s Web 2.0 social network, you don’t have to shout. You don’t have to wave your hands above your head to get people’s attention. You just need to connect. Once you connect, you need to deliver your message so powerfully that it resonates within the hearts of your tribe. And once that happens, they will follow you as long as you continue to connect.

I’ll show you how to deliver your message in a way that it demands to be heard.

Module 3

You Are Your Brand

The biggest thing holding most people back is their brand. They don’t know it though. All they know is that “something’s” not right. So they hesitate. They delay. They put off doing the work to build their business.

Until now, the process of “branding” has been a mysterious and costly one. Something that only the “big” players could engage in. Not any more.

In this module you’re going to walk through a series of transformative exercises designed to reveal every element of your ideal brand — a brand that will instantly position you as a leader in your field and bring the clients, business partners, deals and the income you want while bestowing on you the huge impact and authority you deserve.

Module 4

Architecting Your Content Strategy

The key to turning a trickle of product and program sales into a deluge is asking a simple question. In this module I’ll reveal the question and show you how to effortlessly move your customers & clients up through your offerings — from your free and entry-level products all the way through to your premium level programs, products and one-on-one coaching, masterminds and services, naturally, and without being “hypey” or “salesy” in any way.

You’ll discover how to architect a content & product funnel with the right products at the price-points that make sense for your business and niche. You’re also going to learn my personal secrets of adding huge extra, “unexpected” value in your products that allow you to charge a premium for what you produce.

Module 5

Building Your Site So People Buy

Even people who are passionate about their message would love it if their site made money for them. But up until now, if you wanted to make your site sell, you had to become something you weren’t.

For years sales letters screamed at you.




We’ve all seen them and had our stomachs turned by them. And if you wanted to make a profit with your website, someone along the line probably advised you to try one of these long sales letters. And if you put one of them up, a little bit of your soul went with it too because it wasn’t congruent with who you are.

Ever since the Web went social, the effectiveness of these hype-sales letters has gone way down. I’ll show you what works and show you how to get your site selling with integrity.

Module 6

Growing Your Tribe

Do you realize that you could be just one blog post away from a viral explosion?

These days, news sources want to be the one who publishes stories that matter. This means when we work together we can identify who in your field is dying for information. And when we construct your message and match it to your market – the explosion can be contagious.

Understand your market is constantly looking for new solutions, new voices, and new approaches. And all you need to do is show up and claim what is waiting for you.

We live in an era when messages go viral on YouTube every day. Yes, it’s true many of them are silly things but lots of them are important messages. And the only thing that’s stopping you from going viral is… your ability to package your message and get it in front of the thought leaders in your market.

I’ve helped people experience this explosion and I’d like to help you discover the impact you can have on your market and the world at large.

The Heart of Message To Money

If you’ve been frustrated by your attempts to experience success online, Message to Money will be something new.

It’s not driven by the “flavor of the week” that’s become so popular on the Internet. I understand that most people have tried to succeed and become frustrated by all the hype and dishonesty out there.

I also understand that you aren’t seeking to become a “techie” and start learning how to code your website or start understanding API codes. You just want results.

Message to Money 1
Message to Money 2

Make A Promise to
Commit To Your Success

Let me be up front: you’re going to get out of this program what you put into it. If you’re too busy to participate with me, I’m afraid your success is going to pass you by until you’re serious.

I don’t mean to be harsh here or scare you off but I’m serious about getting results WITH you. Note that I said with you and not FOR you. I’m going to work together WITH you but I need your full partnership to ensure your success.

Your Are Invited To
Join Message to Money

Up until this point I’ve been working with individuals and small groups and getting consistently great results for them.

People have been telling me their friends need something like this so I’ve decided to expand my Message to Money Program.

I’m currently opening Message to Money program to just 100 people who are motivated and want to take action.

I’m not giving you a false scarcity here. This program is limited because I want to deliver top-notch kick-ass results for your online business and because frankly – I want your success story.

This means I’m pulling out all the stops to ensure your online dreams become reality.

This is a ten-week program in which you get all 6 modules described above plus these great bonuses.

Message to Money 3

Here's How To Get Started Today (Plus 7 Valuable Bonuses Worth $7,780)

Join us now and your tuition investment will be just 6 monthly payments of $297 (or a single payment of $1497).

Get Started Today For Just $297 Down (And then 5 easy payments of $297)

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60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the Message to Money program for a full 60 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.

Sign Up Today & Enjoy These 5 Bonuses FREE!

This is a ten-week program in which you get all 5 modules described above plus these great bonuses.

Valued at $5,000

BONUS 1: “Lifetime” Coaching & Support

Most programs never deliver the the profound transformation they promise because you don’t have feedback from the expert when you most need it.

Some people need more help in the beginning stages of thinking through their business, message and brand. Others need more tactical guidance in translating their big vision for the world into an authentic platform and web presence.

Wherever you are on the journey, I’ll be offering personal access to me twice each and every month. You’ll be able to ask me personally your most burning questions about the blockages that are stopping you from moving forward with your business.

You'll have guaranteed access to these calls for as long as I'm running Message to Money in its current form -- but you're guaranteed a minimum of 24 calls over 1 year.

BONUS 2: TWO Complimentary Tickets to Message to Money LIVE!

This will be a 3-day message and brand makeover where I'll personally lead you through the process of finding the perfect words and images that transform your message into a call to action that your audience will feel compelled to listen to and act on.

I've structured this live event around in-depth exercises, group shares and hot seats, to give you the vital immediately feedback so you know what's not working, what needs to change AND gives you the support you need to fix it.

This is a rare opportunity to join an amazing intimate group of entrepreneurs committed to building a business that changes the world and really kickstart your message and brand.

Message to Money LIVE: Valued at $1,994
Private Facebook Group: Valued at $47/month

BONUS 5: Access to Our Members Only Facebook Group

You’ll also get lifetime access to the private Facebook group only for Message to Money students and alumni valued at $47/month. Imagine having 24/7 access to me and over 200 other Message to Money students for instant feedback on all your toughest branding and business challenges?

BONUS 4: 11 Tweaks to Turn Your Business Website Into a Money Machine

  • Learn how to pick the right three fonts for your site so you inspire confidence & sell more
  • Discover the most effective way to integrate social media into your pages for max. engagement
  • The science behind creating a website navigation system that guides visitors gracefully toward going deeper with you
  • And 8 more!

Valued at $97, What I share with you in this bonus is based on my latest research with my $50K+ consulting clients. I guarantee you've never heard of most of these easy tweaks and you'll be delighted at how easy they are to put in place.

11 Tweaks

Total Value of Your Bonuses Today: $7,655!

Here's How To Get Started Today (Plus 3 Valuable Bonuses Worth $7,558)

Join us now and your tuition investment will be just 6 monthly payments of $297 (or a single payment of $1497).

Get Started Today For Just $297 Down ( And then 5 easy payments of $297)

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60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the Message to Money program for a full 60 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.

Message to Money PDF Packets

What’s The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of This Course?

Immerse yourself in what I’m going to teach you, but more importantly immerse yourself in the conversations and exercises, because it’s action that brings confidence, clarity, and ultimately results. So don’t dabble, dive in. Whatever that looks like you.

Set Up A Schedule That Works For You

Whether you prefer to block out 2 hours a week to watch an entire module and work through all the exercises or whether you prefer to watch a video a day and really work on that one exercise. Think about how you want to do this course and schedule in the time now to watch the modules, show up for the calls, ask a question on the private Facebook group, and do the exercises.

Schedule Book

Would You Rather Live Your Dreams or Just Dream About Them?

If you are ready — finally ready — to start living your dreams, you should definitely join me at Message to Money.

But if you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves and claim your success, be prepared to watch others take your place on the “Success Express.”

If you’re not ready to say “Yes!” knowing that your covered by full program guarantee, you may be turning your back on success.

Now you can seize this moment so that your vision leads other people to buy in to your success.

I know you’re in this for the long haul. You’re not after flash-in-the-pan success but a sustainable business that continues to grow and evolve year after year. And that’s what Message to Money is all about.

It’s about creating your highest vision of a business without making you a slave to your business.

To Your Highest Dreams Success,

Marisa signature

Marisa Murgatroyd

Here's How To Get Started Today (Plus 7 Valuable Bonuses Worth $7,558)

Join us now and your tuition investment will be just 6 monthly payments of $297 (or a single payment of $1497).

Get Started Today For Just $297 Down ( And then 5 easy payments of $297)

Add To Cart

60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the Message to Money program for a full 60 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.