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The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 2): The Story Video

You have marketing gold inside of you.

What you’ve gone through, your biggest problem, pain, or suffering lets your tribe know something even more important than what you do. It lets them know who you really are and why you do what you do. 

All business is about problem solving and most people given the choice between working with someone who’s never had a problem in their life and someone who understands their problem first-hand, would choose the person who understands.

And yet, so many people choose to hide the challenges they’ve experienced.

Out of the positive intention to focus on what’s good and right and just in the world, they focus on the solution or the potential. But potential is relative, right? Without sorrow, there is no joy. Without pain, there is no pleasure.

When you share your personal story in an empowered way – not in a “cry me a river” or “woe is me” kind of way – but in the right way – you give people the opportunity to see into your heart and soul and understand your motivations.

There is no greater driver of trust than hearing story story told with truth and vulnerability.

That’s why the Story Video is one of the most powerful kind of video you can share on your home page if you want to quickly connect with your visitors and show them why your Call to Action is so important.

Just don’t forget to bookend your video in a way that relates to your audience, why they’re there, and what you want them to do or understand. You want to open in a way that acknowledges your visitor and connects to why they may be on your site in the first place. Then close in a way that transitions from your story to what they be experiencing or desiring right now.

I believe the best way to learn is through example.

So I’d like to share two videos and two scripts with you that I developed with my Mastery students in a 5-day Personal Branding Workshop.

Both of these students speak English as a second language and were concerned about getting the English right.

Pay attention to how they share both specific details that bring the story to life… and end in a way that supports their business growth. When you’re emotionally present and connected with what you’re saying people pay more attention to you than they do to your accent.

It can also help to address your accent at some point in the video, so you acknowledge the obvious like in this first story from my Mastery student Patricia Missakian, founder of the Askahic Records Institute:

The second story is from my Mastery Student Iris Huebler, founder of the Superfood Academy.

Let me know in the comments what about these videos resonated with you…

Patricia’s Script:

Hi I’m Patricia Missakian and I believe everyone has a powerful leader within them… and somewhere along the way, we lose touch with that part of ourselves that knows who we are, what we want, and why we’re here.

When I was 24, something deep inside compelled me to leave my life in Brazil behind. To leave behind my mother’s anger and a family who didn’t understand me. To leave behind everything I knew and move to the United States where I knew nothing… and no one.

I arrived here with $600 in my pocket and a bag full of dreams. What I didn’t know was that inside that bag, alongside my dreams, was my victim mentality. And that mentality that had snuck over with in my bag with me would rule my life for the next 6 years until the day I had a panic attack while driving down the freeway at 60 miles an hour. I pulled over to the side of the road as the cars whizzed by me… and broke down in tears. I’m not talking raindrop tears, I’m talking about the kind of tears that wrack you entire body from head to toe.

I don’t know how long I spent on the side of the road, but it felt like forever. I was in an unfulfilled marriage, a job that I hated and could only imagine what would happen if I continued to do what I had always done. I didn’t want to turn out like my mother who was so miserable that she took her anger out on everyone around her…

In that moment, I knew I could no longer keep going the way I had been. So for the first time in my life, instead of searching outside myself, I started to search within. I learned meditation, bodywork and began to develop my intuition. Eventually that lead me to connect with my Akashic Records and I was able to understand that my mother’s anger wasn’t personal. I could see the bigger picture of my life and purpose, beyond what was right in front in front of me.

I had spent so many years angry at the way my mother had treated me and now I understood the truth. I understood that she too was hurt and misunderstood. I also understood that anger was carried generation to generation like a torch passed on by children that were neglected, abandoned or abused. A torch based on by women who aren’t able to feel their pain or use their voice. I understood that I was unintentionally carrying on that torch and it was up to me to pick up a new torch and shine a different light for my children.

I didn’t have to carry the pain of my family or the pain of the world. And neither do you. No matter who you are and what your current situation, there is a power inside of you just waiting to be heard. I believe the gift you have can save yourself and many other lives along the way.

My passion is supporting other woman to break the cycle that keep their voices silent, their eyes down and their heart in a box.

I never dreamed that day when I had that panic attack by the side of the road that I would go on to found the Akashic Records Institute and help thousands of women discover the real truth of who they are beyond the pain and suffering they’ve experienced, and connect to the leader within them, so they find their personal power and shine a different light. 

I hope that my journey will inspire you to believe in your gift, to understand that if I, with my broken English and painful past, can share my gifts, so can you. 

It all begins with unlocking the intuition inside you and giving voice to that part of you that you may have pushed down or shoved away. Giving voice to that part of you that desperately wants to speak and be free…  That’s the same voice that compelled me to leave everything I knew when I was 24, the same voice that had me pull over on the side of the road that fateful day and begin my healing journey, and the same voice that’ is whispering to you right now, whether you can hear it or not. 

I’ve created a simple exercise that you can do in just 7-minutes a day. 

Download the MP3 now to unlock your intuition in just 7 minutes.

Iris’ Script:

Hi, I’m Iris Huebler founder of the Superfood Academy. Let me guess: you’re looking for delicious AND nutritious superfoods that are fast and easy to make.  We all have busy lives where there doesn’t seem to be enough time for eating, let alone cooking – or dare I say, growing your own food.

I know that healthy eating can seem outside the realm of possibility. And I admit that I haven’t always practiced what I preach. I had to learn how important diet and nutrition is… the hard way. 

My husband and I THOUGHT we were living healthy lives.  We had moved to New Zealand from Germany and built our own little paradise on a beautiful farm with an organic garden, orchard and free-range animals. We ran our own businesses working from home.  We were living the dream… until disaster struck. My husband had a heart attack right in front of my eyes.  He was helicoptered into the intensive care unit and the doctors suggestions were the typical stent, operation and pills daily for the rest his life. At the time, I didn’t know how common this scenario was for men over 50.

To the doctor’s horror, we decided to try lifestyle and diet change. So they kicked us out of the hospital and we were completely on our own. I’m not kidding, they really kicked us out, because we didn’t follow their precise instructions.  I still remember standing in the parking lot like frozen, unsure what to do next and where to find help… or even whether my husband would survive the next day.

Luckily, we did figure it out and now my husband’s feeling better than ever without any operations or medication. And, to my big surprise, I felt healthier and more energetic within just 6 weeks too. I had changed my diet to support my husband, yet – suddenly — all these tiny, little problems we women-over-40 think are normal, suddenly disappeared.

The mindblowing thing was that the change was actually easy, once I had figured out what to do. I only wished we had started earlier…  But figuring what to do was the hard part. There’s so much conflicting information out there about what to eat, what not to eat, and it seems to be changing all the time.

We thought we were living healthy lives before my husband’s heart attack, only to realize that we should have been doing it differently.  I wanted to make sure that no one else had to go through what we did to realize that their diet and lifestyle wasn’t as healthy as they thought.

So the Super Food Academy was born.  At the Super Food Academy, we believe that healthy food has to taste, look and feel delicious and luxurious every single day. We DO need to eat daily and who wants to eat boring old carrot sticks all day long just because they’re healthy?

I’m now very happy to support thousands of people who want delicious solutions all around the world.

Whether you want to look your best, perform at your best, or overcome a physical health issue, we’re hear to make your introduction to the amazing world of superfoods as easy as possible.

Simply enter your email address and we’ll send you our superfood checklists so you know exactly what you need to eat to boost your brainpower, enhance your energy and just feel good!

WANT MORE? Check out Part 3 of this powerful series here: The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 3): The Big Idea Video

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what resonated about these videos and what ideas you’re going to bring into your own videos.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Elizabeth Haines

    Wow! Very inspiring examples of marketing at its best:

    There is no greater driver of trust than hearing story told with truth and vulnerability

    Reply ·
  2. Richard Zultner

    So this is the video “Origin Story” that you mention in your Hidden Story Power program, and cover in detail in Start With You (was Call to Adventure)?

    Reply ·
    1. Marisa

      More or less Richard… There’s definitely more nuance to it than what I can cover in a blog post. 😉

      Reply ·
  3. Lisa McCaskill

    Thank you for this post! The tips and scripts are so useful to have! What stands out for me is the great production quality but, even more than that, it’s in how they told their stories. They each had a variety of story points where many different people might find a connection to them.

    Reply ·
  4. Tara Gesling

    These are awesome! Thank you for sharing these. 🙂

    Reply ·
    1. Marisa Murgatroyd

      You’re welcome Tara! 🙂

      Reply ·
  5. Katrina

    Thanks, Marisa! Those are great examples of inspirational stories!

    Reply ·
    1. Marisa Murgatroyd

      You’re welcome Katrina! These touch me as well…

      Reply ·
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