On this 60-minute Masterclass you'll discover:

  • The 3 paths you can follow to start a business – and why only one leads to purpose, passion, profit and play! (If you followed path #1 or #2, don’t worry! -- I’ll show you how to correct your course.)
  • The 7 key criteria to identify the perfect niche for you ... so you can make great money AND love what you do (Tip: If your business is missing even one of these, it will struggle -- and may not even survive!)
  • 3 questions to help you zero in on what’s most important to you ... so you can design a high-impact, high-profit business that you love -- and that you’re good at. (If your business is out of alignment with your purpose, you may be outwardly successful, but absolutely miserable inside)
  • The 4 biggest reasons you may not have the businesses of your dreams right now. (Discover how to tune into what you really want ... so you can design a business you’ll love, that aligns with your natural strengths ... and that will pay you well for doing the work you’re meant to do in the world.)

About Marisa Murgatroyd:

Marisa Murgatroyd, creator of Start With YouMarisa is the founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into Online Superheroes, and the creator of Start With You where she helps people just like you to discover the business they're meant to build, not just the business they can build.

At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s called the shortest woman in marketing — and that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas.

She’s the “go to” brand builder for industry luminaries and heavyweights such as Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely and Susan Peirce Thompson.

Marisa helps entrepreneurs create a business that is authentic and aligned with who they are, to empower them to turn up the dial on their “inner superhero”, so they can be the superhero to their tribe, as well as in their own lives.