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Hi, I’m Marisa Murgatroyd. Founder of Live Your Message.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, you’re afraid of the spotlight. But what if I told you there’s a way to feel excited about being the face and voice of your business?


"You mean I have to wear makeup to work? What is this, Hooters?"

I’d just accepted one of my first jobs out of college and I was sitting across from Jeff Lubin… a portrait photographer and studio owner.

Jeff wasn’t just any photographer. He made over $1 million a year.

I’d turned up that day, ready to “wow” him with my ideas, my drive and my positive attitude... but I was in for a shock.

One line lept off the page of my job contact.

I had to wear makeup to work every day. It was right there in my contract in black and white.

I couldn’t believe it!

I’d spent my entire life trying to prove myself, my worth and my value -- by working hard, not by looking good. I didn’t want to be just another pretty face in lipstick and heels.

In that moment, a bunch of emotions washed over me.

I felt disappointed, angry and frankly… a little disgusted. Before I could stop myself, that line about Hooters just came out of my mouth. I held my breath and waited for Jeff’s response.

Would he get mad?

Would he snatch the contract from my hands and send me on my way?

But Jeff... didn’t. Miss. A. Beat.

He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Marisa, we’re in the business of creating people’s images. If you don’t look like someone our clients want to BE, they’re not going to trust us with their image.”

His words felt like a punch in the gut.

I wanted more than anything to ignore his advice.

I wanted him to be wrong.

I wanted to argue and tell him that it’s not about how we look, it’s about who we are.

But a voice deep inside stopped me. Something told me Jeff was right.

I’d been around long enough to know that people make snap judgments all the time and as they say, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

So, even though I’d never worn make-up in my life up to that point, I went to the beauty counter at the nearest mall that same day and got myself “dolled up.”

I’ll be honest… the lipstick and mascara made me feel like a total fake at first but once I got over myself, I started to notice people looking at me differently -- treating me differently -- and I started getting better, more exciting opportunities.

You might have guessed by now that the lesson here isn’t about make-up.

The lesson is this: you must show up in the world in a way that makes it easy for people to believe you can actually do what you say you can do.

And that’s what a powerful personal brand is all about. A well-crafted personal brand connects a whole bunch of elements -- including how you dress, what you say, what you do and your presence -- into a streamlined, authentic message to the world.

It speaks for you long before you say a word. It shows your clients and customers that you walk your talk -- that you can create the transformations, changes and outcomes you promise.

Even more important…

An authentic, aligned personal brand will attract ideal clients and customers who are inspired and motivated by who you are and how you show up in the world...

People who want to work with you and only you.


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” -- Dr. Seuss

We belong to a tribe of 7 billion and no two people are exactly alike.

Kind of blows your mind, right?

You have a mix of talents, experiences, skills, knowledge, ideas and insights that belong ONLY to you.

There never was and there will never be another you.

That’s not just a philosophical truth to think about on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

It’s the strategic secret that’ll power your business.

It’s the secret to attracting a tribe who genuinely loves you and everything you have to offer.

It’s the secret to sharing your skills, your talents and your message with the world so you can make a real difference.

You’ll naturally stand out from the crowd of cookie cutter experts AND you’ll get to watch as your impact and income increase faster than you thought possible.

If you’re struggling with getting clients or charging what you’re worth…

If you feel undervalued, unappreciated or unseen…

A powerful personal brand that taps into your unique energy -- your true voice and style -- is your answer.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t take advantage of the juicy benefits of a great brand. They think personal branding is either:

  1. Optional -- one of those “extras” you focus on if you have time or,
  2. Reserved for celebrities, entertainers and high level entrepreneurs like Richard Branson who’ve already made billions.

But personal branding is for all entrepreneurs.

It’s for people just starting out all the way to business owners who’ve hit world-class status.

It’s the difference between entrepreneurs with a successful business and a waitlist of clients and those lying awake at night wondering how they’re going to make rent.

If you don’t think that’s true, let me ask you this…

Do you believe Kim Kardashian is skilled at anything specific? If you said no, I agree but I’ll add one thing: Kim has one absolutely outstanding gift…

She understands that an unforgettable personal brand is the secret behind differentiating yourself, establishing yourself and promoting yourself.

At last count Kim had a following of over 100 million social media fans and her app -- Kimoji -- “broke” the Apple app store because millions of people downloaded it at the same time.

Rumor has it, she made $1 million in 1 minute with Kimoji, which is basically a bunch of custom emojis based on her life.

None of this would have happened without a carefully cultivated personal brand that turned Kim Kardashian into a household name who’s “famous for being famous.” At last count, she’s worth over $350 million dollars.

That’s the power of a personal brand in action.

Don’t get me wrong -- I’m definitely NOT going to teach you how to be the next Kim Kardashian (the world doesn’t need another Kim Kardashian!) and I’m not suggesting you rely on personal branding alone to create success in your business.

I just don’t want you to ever underestimate what a personal brand can do for you and your business.

In a world that keeps getting noisier and more crowded by the minute, your personal brand works like a lighthouse for you and your business... it shines over choppy waters, and safely leads your ideal clients and customers straight to you.

A great personal brand differentiates you from everyone else and lets you rise above a sea of experts in your field, niche or industry.

It inspires your ideal clients to choose you -- not just because of your skills or expertise -- but because of who you are and what you stand for.

The step-by-step method you’re about to learn here is part of my proven Personal Brand Power Framework.

I’ve used it to create brands for dozens of 7 and 8-figure online entrepreneurs -- people you may have heard of like Susan Peirce Thompson, Danny Iny, Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Alexis Neely, Bill Baren and Sage Lavine.

My Personal Brand Power Framework has generated millions in revenue for these entrepreneurs. The pages and brands we've built with our Live Your Message Digital Agency generate about $50 million each and every year.

My superpower is teaching ambitious entrepreneurs how to create remarkable success by building a business that expresses who they are... and it all starts with a powerful personal brand.

Don’t worry if you’ve never created a brand before -- the Personal Brand Power Framework works for entrepreneurs at all levels.

This is a huge post -- a “skyscraper” as I like to call it -- so settle in and get ready for a game-changing read.

Ready? Here we go…

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Chapter One

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Pablo Picasso drew a famous series of 11 drawings that took him 45 days to complete… he was trying to capture the essence of a bull.

He started with a rich, detailed drawing that looks almost like a photograph. He then worked his way stage-by-stage all the way down to a simple, powerful sketch of just 12 brilliant strokes.

Even if all you see is the picture of those final 12 strokes, you can instantly recognize it’s a drawing of a bull.

Picasso chose to focus on the 2 lines for the horns, the broad sloping line of the back, and 2 lines for his... let’s just say… his undercarriage :)

Without his “manhood” the bull turns into an antelope. Without the horns he’s a cow, and without the slope of his back he becomes a stag.

Picasso expertly accentuated and amplified the 3 key characteristics that differentiate the bull from all other animals. He found the essence of the bull.

And my Personal Brand Power Framework is about finding the essence of you -- choosing the key characteristics that differentiate you from everyone else.

Then expressing that through what you do, what you create or produce, and who you know. We’re going to explore each of these segments in the following chapters starting with who you truly are.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Don’t Have Time to Read This Game-Changing Guide Right This Minute? Click here to get the PDF version and read it anytime you want!

Chapter Two

Who You Truly Are

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Your journey to a powerful personal brand starts in the middle of our Framework with who you truly are.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -- who you are beats what you know. You are your biggest asset and your biggest competitive edge in the marketplace -- and the more crowded the market becomes, the more true this is.

In Personal Brand Power, I teach 6 “Who You Are” elements and I provide step-by-step exercises to help you go deep with each one. But for now, let’s tune in to what makes you uniquely YOU with 3 key elements -- your core traits or essence, your key values and your strongest beliefs.

My goal is to give you the courage and clarity to step forward as the face and voice of your brand and build the business only you can build.

I truly believe that we can solve all the problems of the world if we each step forward and do the work we’re meant to do. You are literally designed to do something and be someone that no one else can. I believe that you are the answer you’ve been waiting for… and the answer the world has been waiting for.

It’s my personal mission to to turn entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes and levels into online superheroes so they can change the world from their living room… or wherever they happen to be in the world.

Who You Truly Are
Element #1: Discover Your Essence

There are traits -- physical and personal traits such as your personality, your values, and your background -- that make up the essence of who you are.

Traits that make you instantly recognizable and influence how you make other people feel when they’re around you.

If you’re not sure what your essential traits are, ask friends and family this question, “How would you describe me?”

Take their answers and look for 3 to 5 traits you want to focus on and highlight in your personal brand -- the things you want others to feel when they think of you.

Let’s do a fun exercise so you can see what I mean.

Close your eyes and imagine Richard Branson. What are the first words that describe him?

You might have come up with quirky, adventurous or free-spirited.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you don't know Richard Branson but you can quickly describe him… why is that? It’s because he’s taken the time to deeply know and understand himself. And, beyond that, he's aligned with how he wants to show up in the world. Who he wants to be for himself and others.

You can try the same exercise with other famous personalities and you’ll easily come with just a handful of words that describe who they are and the kind of energy they project.

Let’s try Beyoncé. What are some of the words that describe her? I’d say strong, beautiful, and “fiercely independent.” Tony Robbins projects motivation and a “go-getter” attitude. Oprah radiates empowerment and compassion.

Now, back to you...

What do you want to project through your personal brand . Then look at the list of descriptions you have and pick the 3 to 5 traits you want to focus on in the “Who You Are” section of the Personal Brand Framework.

Who You Truly Are
Element #2: Identify Your Values

Your values are essentially foundational principles -- pillars -- that hold up your life. They are the standards by which you live.

If you’re disconnected from your values, you’ll easily get pulled away from your vision, goals and dreams. You’ll chase every “shiny” new object, opportunity or experience that comes your way.

When you know your values, you’ll know what’s good for your business and you’ll make choices that feel congruent with who you are.

This is a huge benefit for an entrepreneur.

Think of it this way…

When you know your values, you’ll speed through all those little decisions that slow you down -- and sometimes even hold you back -- from moving forward in your business.

You’ll never have to ask questions like:

Should I try that new sales technique everyone’s talking about?

Should I partner up and co-host a live retreat with [insert name of entrepreneur/influencer]?

Should I work with this new client?

And on and on...

Knowing your values lights up the path you need to take -- the path that’s right for you -- in all areas of your business.

Your values hold up the core of your personal brand so you can build an authentic emotional connection with your audience… a connection that inspires their trust and faith in you.

Here are 3 of our key values at Live Your Message. I hope they help to get you thinking about your own:

We Can Have Everything We Want In Life, If We Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want

Nothing else matters if we’re not getting real results for real people. We believe in becoming indispensable to our customers and to each other. When our students succeed, we succeed too.

Express Yourself

If you’re going to spend a third of your life working, you may as well enjoy it! Work takes on greater meaning when it aligns with your purpose and passions. We express ourselves around the office, in our everyday work, and to our tribe.

How we show up and how we do what we do is just as important as what we actually do. Work is an inspiration, not an obligation. Work is both a calling and a call to adventure.

Live Your Message isn’t just a cool name for a company, it’s a philosophy that we embrace.

Experiencify It

We believe that people want experiences, not information. We understand that every moment is an opportunity for transformation and we strive to create experiences in everything we do – from a simple email or phone call, to a product or live event. Finding the “wow,” the “oh, yeah,” and the “holy cow!” in every interaction is the name of the game :)

Who You Truly Are
Element #3: Uncover Your Strongest Beliefs

While values are the standards by which you live, beliefs are what you accept as truth or fact. Beliefs are what you stand for and what you stand against. Most of us are ready to fight for our beliefs. Some of us are willing to die for them.

Beliefs can give you the courage to overcome incredible obstacles and challenges.

The world’s most successful leaders and teachers, throughout history, harnessed the strength and power of their beliefs to accomplish extraordinary things.

Think of Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. They believed in equality for all regardless of race or color. It was a belief that changed the fate of millions in the United States, South Africa and the world.

How about Mother Teresa? She believed everyone deserves love and support no matter how sick or destitute... and she saved countless lives in India because of it.

More recently, Pakistan-born activist Malala Yousafzai risked death because she believed education was for everyone -- including girls (the Taliban had banned girls from attending school).

She was only 11 when she was shot by members of the regime because she refused not to go to school. Malala survived and went on to become an activist and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history at age 17.

When you integrate your beliefs into your brand, you’ll attract a tribe of followers, clients and customers who share those beliefs, and support you and your business. These are lifelong fans who are happy to work with you to create the changes you want to see in the world.

Who You Are is at the heart of the Personal Brand Power Framework because it pulls the other 3 circles into a single, cohesive system. It’s also a key area of focus in my Personal Brand Power program for a reason...

Who You Are builds a strong connection and deep trust with your audience. It creates an experience of your work and it’s the piece of the puzzle in personal branding that goes way beyond what you say, what you write and what you offer.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Chapter Three

What You Really Do

Chapter Divider

Now that we’ve started to define the center of your Personal Brand Power Framework, let’s work our way to the outer circles starting with what you actually do and the real world results you get for yourself and for others.

We’ll touch on the elements that set you apart from everyone else… your superpower, your signature process (this is essentially how you do what you do) and your unique background or credibility.

In Personal Brand Power I go into lots of juicy details with questions and exercises. You’ll know exactly where to focus your attention so you can highlight your expertise in a way that gets your audience excited about working with you.

What You Really Do
Element #1: Identify Your Superpower

Whether you realize it or not, you have a superpower.

It’s sometimes known as your “genius” or “gift” but no matter what you call it, it’s the same thing…

It’s that essential skill, talent or ability that sets you apart from everyone else. It’s the thing that no one else can do quite like you. It’s probably the reason you started your business or why you’re thinking of starting a business.

If you’re not sure what your superpower is, you can find it in a very special sweet spot -- at the intersection of these 4 areas:

  1. What you love to do
  2. What you’re really good at doing
  3. What other people will pay for
  4. What makes the world a better place

By that definition, “watching movies” isn’t a superpower because it’s in just 2 out of 4 circles -- what you love to do and what you’re really good at doing.

Plus it does nothing for the world and I’m willing to bet you won’t find anyone willing to pay you to watch movies all day!

One important tip as you start looking for your superpower…

Your greatest gift is often the thing that’s easy to do. It might even feel too easy.

It’s usually something that comes so naturally to you that you don’t realize how special it is and -- sometimes -- this makes it hard to identify.

But don’t give up.

Embracing your superpower in your business gives you the heart and the grit to breakthrough massive obstacles and challenges. You’ll have a meaningful business that reflects your true skills, gifts and talents. You’ll be motivated, inspired and focused on serving your clients and customers at the highest level.

When I first started thinking about building a business, I asked myself “what can you do?” And all I could come up with was “I can make things look good. Sound good. And tell a damn good story.”

At the time, I didn’t think anyone would pay me to do that… I didn’t realize that this core skill set that I took for granted was the basis of all business and marketing. Whoops!

It took me years and a very specific process to discover that my real super power is “translating essence into form” and that’s something that I’ve now built all 3 of our businesses around.

As Sylvester Stallone says in Rocky Balboa you’ll have, “Earned the right to be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do!”

And, if that’s not part of every entrepreneur’s dream, I don’t know what is!

What You Really Do
Element #2: Find Your Signature Process

Do you have a signature system you’ve developed around your zone of genius?

If you don’t, it’s time to think about creating one. This will be the process or framework you’ll be known for…

The one that will put you on the map in your field or industry.

A great example of a signature process is Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping, the meditation and visualization technique that now has a massive following of raving fans and dedicated students from around the world.

If you go to you’ll see that it’s all about how Burt discovered the Quantum Jumping technique and what it allows you to do.

One of my signature systems is the thing you’re learning right now -- the Personal Brand Power Framework that this post is all about. :)

I designed a very popular program around this process called Personal Brand Power and I go into all the juicy step-by-step details for crafting a powerful, authentic personal brand that resonates on a deep level and creates an instant connection with ideal clients and customers.

What You Really Do
Element #3: Share Your Credibility

Your credibility is the “verifiable or tangible” aspects of your accomplishments -- your degrees, press, awards, training, etc.

In a traditional workplace -- such as Fortune 500 corporations and international organizations -- credibility is considered the gold standard when it’s time to make key decisions such as promoting from within the company or hiring new employees.

For entrepreneurs “old school credibility” plays a much smaller role and it’s not the most important aspect of your personal brand.

That said, it’s still important to understand what makes you credible. So I’d like for you to spend a little time thinking about your background and experiences. What gives you credibility around what you do now? Don’t worry too much if you can’t come up with much of a list.

Famous messaging expert Joel Roberts says, “Credibility is a combination of expertise and relatability.”

If you highlight just your credibility and your expertise you could end up being “unrelatable.”

The Personal Brand Power Framework I’m sharing here has got you covered because you’re learning how to showcase your gifts and who you are in a way that goes way beyond 2-dimensional, forgettable paper qualifications.

There’s a lot more to the 3 “What You Really Do” elements than we talk about here. In Personal Brand Power, I’ll show you how to prioritize the essential pieces within each element -- your superpower, your signature system and your credibility -- so you can let your genius shine through and effortlessly differentiate yourself from every other expert in your field.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Chapter Four

What You Create

Chapter Divider

Let’s continue to work our way around the outer ring of your Personal Brand Power Framework and look at how you express who you are and project your personal brand through what you create -- in other words the key assets you choose to represent your business.

In this Chapter we’ll be looking at expressing the essence of you and your personal brand through visual branding via your logo, your social media profiles and bio plus a slogan or motto that will do justice to your brand.

“What You Create” is a massive topic and the elements you’re learning in this post are just the tip of the iceberg :) In my Personal Brand Power program, I share in depth teachings on additional elements not covered here, such as website branding with fonts and colors that reflect your brand plus the art of creating books, products and videos that highlight your expertise.

What You Create
Element #1: Your Logo

Visual branding is a deep topic and I love every aspect of it.

If you let me, I’d happily talk about it from dusk ‘till dawn (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) but I’m guessing you don’t have 12 hours to talk about visual branding today.

So, I’m going to cut to the chase and give you one of the most important elements of visual branding: your logo.

Logos for personal brands are often designed around a name, signature and/or a symbol.

Think of your logo as the visual representation of who you are. It’s a graphic that captures the heart and soul of your personal brand.

There’s a whole range of logo types which I get into in Personal Brand Power but as a start it’s good to know there are 2 key categories or types of logos:

  1. A simple font logo with just your name or the name of your business.
  2. An icon-based logo that includes a symbol and the name.

When it’s time to create your logo, think about hiring an experienced designer but, if creativity’s your thing, feel free to go down the DIY route.

What You Create
Element #2: Social Media Profiles and Bio

It’s just about impossible to size up your own attributes like your strengths, gifts, talents and capabilities. It’s one of the biggest reasons so many entrepreneurs put “writing my bio or social media profile” at the end of their to-do list.

Some of them leave it out altogether!

But if you dismiss your bios and profiles, you’re missing a great opportunity to communicate your personal brand to your audience quickly and accurately.

Here’s what I’d like for you to do…

Think of your bio and your social media profiles as “touch points” for your audience to learn about the highlights of your journey and experiences.

And don’t worry too much about the length.

I recommend writing a longer version of your bio and a shorter, “summarized” version so you have both on hand to share in different places such as on your landing pages, sales pages, as part of your intro post in a social media group or mastermind or when you’re invited to speak and the host needs your bio as an intro before you step on stage.

There are 5 key themes you can choose to focus on when you write your bio or profile:

  1. Results
  2. Relationships
  3. Personal qualities
  4. Physical qualities
  5. Lifestyle choices

You don’t have to include all of these themes in a single bio. Choose one or two that resonate with your audience and zoom in on it.

I share examples of bios based on each of these 5 themes in Personal Brand Power but here’s a results-based bio that happens to be one of my favorites. It’s by world class coach, author and entrepreneur extraordinaire Suzanne Evans.

Suzanne Evans has become the “Tell it like it is”, no fluff boss of business building. As owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC she went from secretary to surpassing the 7- figure mark in just over three years. Today, she supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs.

Notice how Suzanne’s results-based bio highlights clear accomplishments -- 7-figure mark, 3 years, 30,000 women.

Do the same for your bio no matter which theme you decide to go with.

What You Create
Element #3 Slogans & Mottos

Just Do It

A Diamond is Forever

Think Different

You can probably name the companies behind these slogans or taglines (Nike, De Beers, Apple).

The longest slogan on that list is just 4 words but it conveys a world of information about the brand and the company behind it.

You can do the same for your personal brand with a powerful slogan that sets you apart from everyone else, keeps you at the top of your clients’ mind and leaves a lingering, positive feeling in their hearts.

The secret to a truly amazing slogan is this: It features at least one key value or belief that powers your personal brand. A great slogan triggers curiosity. It will inspire clients and customers to find out more about who you are and what you do.

The best slogans also work as a call to action -- words that inspire and motivate people to take action.

Get creative and let yourself have some fun with your slogan. Don’t feel like you need to come up with a complicated sentence.

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Brendon Burchard’s slogan isn’t even a sentence. It’s a powerful trio of questions: “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

Social media expert Don Crowther uses “Just go do this stuff”. Bestselling author and thought leader Danielle LaPorte is known for her snappy phrase “White hot truth, while wildly successful entrepreneur Marie Forleo’s catchphrase is “The world needs that special gift that only you have.”

My slogan happens to be the name of my business AND it’s my personal motto: Live Your Message.

Including your slogan or motto in your emails, website, or logo is an easy, effective way to communicate key concepts that drive your personal brand in just a few words. Slogans are also extremely shareable, and quotable which makes them the perfect tool to spread your personal brand and message, like wildfire.

The elements in the “What You Do” circle of the Personal Brand Power Framework do the work of getting your brand seen, known and recognized -- I go into this in Personal Brand Power in a segment called “A Crash Course on How to Be Everywhere.”

You’ll learn how to use these elements (and all the others not included here) to go BIG with your message and your brand, plus increase your perceived value at the same time.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Chapter Five

Who You Know

Chapter Divider

Finally, let’s cover the last circle in the outer ring of your Personal Brand Power Framework and explore who you know.

In this Chapter, we’ll look at how you can amplify the power of your personal brand with your value network, your customers and your followers, fans and subscribers.

“Who You Know” doesn’t get much focus in most personal branding exercises although it’s an incredibly important aspect of a great personal brand.

In my program Personal Brand Power I share exactly how to uncover hidden gems within each of these elements. We’ll explore new, exciting ways to create deeper, more meaningful connections with people you already know (and the ones you’re yet to meet) so you can expand and enrich your business… and your life.

Who You Know
Element #1: Inspire a Deep Emotional Connection With Your Following

Here’s the secret to creating a real emotional connection to your personal brand… inspire a deep feeling of community and togetherness with your followers, fans and subscribers.

We all have the very human desire for love, friendship and togetherness and when you fulfill that desire by creating a genuine emotional connection with your audience, you’ll see a continuous, growing stream of people make the leap from follower to customer.

This isn’t just about you entertaining or engaging with your community. It’s about creating a space that inspires your community to feel inspired and excited about connecting and supporting each other.

One of my favorite strategies to create an engaged community -- one that gets people to stay involved -- is to focus on community support and shared experiences.

You could play fun games and challenges with your tribe. You could share free community experiences -- such as a summit series or webinar series -- around a hot topic people are craving to know about.

Another great way to get people to stay in your community for the long haul is to create opportunities for real time connections. Hollywood actress and Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith is doing this beautifully with her Facebook Live Series called Red Table Talk. Jada opens up about her life and gets vulnerable, and honest about her family, her work and the issues that matter to her.

Everyone thought she was crazy at first (why would a Hollywood actress do Facebook Lives instead of a talk show on TV?!), but the series took off and Jada now has everyone clamoring to get on her show!

Remember this: The market for products -- info products and even physical and consumer products -- is simply not what it was just a few years ago. People are no longer excited about products… they want shortcuts, community and experiences.

And the entrepreneurs who will succeed in the next 5 or 10 years and beyond are the ones who can transcend just information, transcend just products and create experiences and community around their work and their personal brand.

Who You Know
Element #2: Create Super Strong Client Relationships

If you want to build strong student, client and customer relationships (and I hope you do because it’s one of the most profitable things to do for your business) follow this rule…

Deliver what you say you’re going to deliver when you say you’re going to deliver it.

If possible, try to go above and beyond what you promised. Aim to surprise and delight your clients and customers.

I know it sounds pretty straightforward, but so many entrepreneurs break this rule. They sell products and services that fall way below customer expectations and they end up paying the price…

Their customers never buy from them again.

Even when you meet or exceed customer expectations, your work isn’t done.

The deepest relationships come from continuous connections and value which means you should never stop looking for effective ways to keep your customers close and connected.

I do this with Live Your Message clients and customers through private Facebook groups we create for every product we offer. It gives them the opportunity to stay connected to me and to the community (I share lots more really cool strategies to stay connected in Personal Brand Power).

When people feel like they’re not just heard and acknowledged, but part of a like-minded community, they’re much more likely to continue to invest in your offers, in your business…

And in you.

Who You Know
Element #3: Nurture Your Value Network

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -- African Proverb

I love that and I’ve found it’s absolutely true in my life and in my business.

Back in 2011, I realized I wasn’t going to go any further in my business (I was still in the early stages of growth back then) all by myself.

Luckily I met my husband Murray and another fantastic team member, Deb. We worked like crazy and managed to take the business all the way up to the multi-6-figure mark in a very short time.

Live Your Message is now a multi-7-figure business (and it’s showing no signs of stopping), but I know it’s because I continuously make the effort to nurture my value network -- the people I interact with on a regular basis. They’re people I give to and who give to me such as friends, family, acquaintances and customers. Your value network is essentially all the people you already know and the people that they know.

The truth is that most of us have already met all the people we need to meet to grow our business and hit all our goals but there’s a catch…

You must put in the time and effort to leverage those relationships.

I invite you to scratch beneath the surface and really get to know the people in your life -- including those who aren’t connected to your business in any way.

Make this a habit. A way of life. Get curious about the people you meet and the people you already know. Ask thoughtful questions (in Personal Brand Power I share a series of powerful questions you can use to nurture meaningful relationships).

You should also practice the universal principle of giving more than you receive in whatever way you can… think time, energy and even expertise… and I guarantee it WILL pay off.

I’ve found that most new opportunities don’t come from “industry influencers” or “A-listers.” They come from people you least expect.

Your personal brand comes from you and through you but it’s not all about you. The true power of your personal brand is created through the relationships you have with the people you know and serve.

In Personal Brand Power we go much deeper into each of these elements so you’ll know how to use every single moment and every single interaction to create real connections and share your personal brand in a way that’s natural, organic and effective.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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Your Personal Brand Power

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I know it’s scary to step up as the face and voice of your brand…

It’s scary to step into the spotlight knowing people are watching…

But being the ambassador for your brand, embodying your message and connecting with your audience through a personal brand that reflects who you truly are is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have in your business.

There’s nothing like knowing -- down to your core -- that you’re creating a successful business that’s 100% aligned with your values and beliefs.

Every minute you invest in building a powerful personal brand will give you the confidence, clarity and courage you need to step up and serve on a really deep level.

You’ll attract an audience that’s true to YOU and no one else in your space.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Ultimate Guide but I have to confess...

There’s just no way I can compress years of experience building successful, profitable personal brands into a single blog post!

So, if this post leaves you wanting more...

If you’re feeling a strong desire to create your own unique personal brand…

If you know it’s time to be seen, heard and understood for who you really are…

And you want to create an authentic brand that inspires respect and admiration…

I invite you to check out my program, Personal Brand Power.

You’ll learn ALL of my insider secrets, techniques, tools and strategies to craft a personal brand that’s expressed in my Personal Brand Power Framework -- Who You Are, What You Do, What You Create and Who You Know.

I go deep into all 4 circles so you can create a memorable, masterful personal brand that makes you feel good about stepping into the spotlight…

A brand that maximizes the power and energy of the most important aspect of your business…


Never forget…

The only way to stand out from the noise of over 1.89 billion websites and 3.95 billion people online is to be more YOU.

Every message needs a messenger.

As one of my early mentors, Brendon Burchard says, “When people believe the messenger, they believe the message.”

You are the messenger for the message you’re here to share with the world.

And, as Eminem famously sang, “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

The world is waiting for you to stand up, show up and shine.

Thanks so much for reading! Before you go, I’d love to know what’s the most significant takeaway from this written “training” in personal branding? Share in the comments :)

And I hope you’ll consider joining us in Personal Brand Power.