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20 Work From Home Tips That’ll Supercharge Your Productivity

Everyone who works from home eventually gets to the point where they’re searching Google for productivity tips.

The emails and social media notifications keep piling up.

Your calendar? Already full.

And that comfy bed is just a few steps away, luring you in for a midday nap.

But there’s good news — I’m here to help.

This post is chock-full of actionable, surprising, and tried-and-true strategies to make your work-from-home experience a smashing success.

From mastering the art of saying no to embracing the power of power naps, you’ll find something you can implement right away, today.

Time is precious, so let’s dive right in.

1. Banish Distractions to the Shadow Realm

Distractions are like little gremlins, nibbling away at your productivity.

Be it the chatter of the TV, the ping of social media notifications or the beckoning call of unanswered emails, they’re a surefire way to derail your work momentum. 

It’s time to banish them.

Be ruthless. Mute those notifications, switch off that TV and set specific times for checking emails.

Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Define Clear Boundaries With Family and Friends

Isn’t it frustrating when folks think working from home is code for “available for chit-chat anytime”?

Take control and set the record straight.

Let your loved ones know your work schedule and that your time and space are to be respected.

It might feel awkward at first, but trust me, your productivity will thank you for it.

And speaking of communication…

3. Master the Art of Remote Communication

Working remotely doesn’t mean you’re on a deserted island, disconnected from the outside world.

If anything, when you’re working from home, it’s even more critical to communicate and to communicate effectively.

So, assume that no one can read your mind (because, well, they can’t).

Overcommunicate, clarify and confirm. Every time, all the time.

4. Invest in Productivity Apps and Tools

The digital world is teeming with apps and tools designed to make your life easier.

Embrace them.

Find the tools that work best for you and make them your best buddies. Asana, Trello, Monday — these could be your new secret weapons in the war against chaos.

5. Have a Dedicated Workspace

Can we get real for a sec?

Working from the couch is comfy, but it’s not exactly productive. You need a dedicated workspace in your home that lets you focus.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. A small desk in a quiet corner can do wonders.

As long as it creates a mental boundary between “work” and “home”, it’ll work just fine.

6. Practice the Pomodoro Technique

Ever tried working in short, intense bursts?

That’s what the Pomodoro Technique is all about. Work for 25 minutes, break for 5, rinse and repeat.

It’s amazing what you can get done when you’re riding the Pomodoro wave. And those regular breaks? Your brain will love ’em.

7. Fuel Up for Success

Ah, the fridge. It’s both a blessing and a curse when you’re working from home.

It’s tempting to snack all day or forget to eat altogether, but remember, your body needs proper fuel to function at its best.

Keep a water bottle at your desk and plan healthy meals and snacks.

Treat your body well and it’ll return the favor.

8. Make Clutter Your Archenemy

Clutter is more than just an eyesore — it’s a productivity killer.

It’s hard to focus when you’re surrounded by piles of paper and dirty coffee cups.

So, take the time to tidy up your workspace before you start your day. You’ll be surprised how much a clean space can boost your productivity.

9. Stay Physically Active

You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to get moving.

Whether it’s a quick yoga session or a walk around the block, regular exercise can work wonders for your mood and productivity.

Your brain (and heart) will thank you later.

10. Learn to Say ‘No’

This is a tough one, I know. But sometimes, saying no is the most productive thing you can do. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with tasks and commitments when you’re working from home. Learning to say no to non-essential tasks can help you focus on what truly matters.

Remember, every time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else.

11. Craft Your Own Work-from-Home Ritual

So, you’ve nailed down the basics of working from home, but have you thought about creating a ritual?

A morning or evening ritual can help bookend your workday, creating a mental separation between work and play.

It could be as simple as a cup of coffee in the morning or a walk in the evening. 

12. Theme Your Days

How about this for an idea? Give each day of your week a theme.

Having a specific focus for each day can help you manage your workload more effectively. It could be “Meeting Mondays” or “Focus Fridays.” The key is to create a rhythm that suits your work style and priorities.

The key here is to create a rhythm that suits your work style.

13. Adopt a Pet or Plant

Ever felt a bit lonely working from home? Consider getting a pet or even a plant. 

Taking care of something can provide a sense of purpose and even offer a welcome distraction during the workday.

Plus, having a furry friend or a bit of greenery can make your workspace more enjoyable.

14. Listen, Don’t Just Look

We’ve all been there: the back-to-back Zoom meetings that leave us feeling more drained than a long day at the office.

Why not switch it up and opt for audio-only calls when possible? It can reduce screen fatigue and even give you a chance to stretch your legs during the call.

Plus, who doesn’t love a break from worrying about their hair?

15. Embrace the Power Nap

A nap? During work hours? Yep, you heard it right. 

It might sound counterproductive, but a quick 20-minute nap can do wonders for your productivity. It can recharge your brain, improve your mood and boost your creativity.

The key is to keep it short so you don’t fall into a deep sleep. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel afterward.

16. Create a Virtual Commute

Missing your commute yet? Probably not. But how about creating a “virtual commute” to provide a mental buffer between your work and personal life?

It could be a quick walk, a short workout or a bit of journaling. 

The goal is to create a transitional period that helps you switch gears.

17. Switch Things Up

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Changing your environment can help.

Consider working from different locations in your home or even outdoors if possible.

A new perspective could be just the thing to inspire fresh ideas and prevent the feeling of being “stuck.”

18. Bring the Outside Inside with Ambient Noise

If you miss the hum of the office or the chatter of the coffee shop, why not recreate it at home?

Ambient noise can help create a more dynamic environment and even boost your concentration. Try experimenting with different sounds like rainfall or white noise.

19. Be a Lifelong Learner

In the hustle and bustle of work, it’s easy to forget to make time for learning.

But, continuously improving your skills can keep you engaged and even spark new ideas — which can help you be more productive.

It could be a new language, a professional course or even a hobby.

Anything that keeps your brain sharp.

20. Take Micro-Breaks with Micro-Hobbies

Have you ever tried picking up a micro-hobby?

These are hobbies that you can do in short bursts of time like doodling, knitting or playing an instrument. They can serve as a refreshing break during your workday and help to keep your mind sharp (which helps you stay productive).

Plus, who knows? You might discover a hidden talent.

Time to Wrap Up Our Productivity Journey

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Like you’re juggling flaming swords while standing on a tightrope?

It’s okay. Remember, even the greatest circus performers started with one ball and a safety net.

These work from home tips are your safety net, your secret weapon in the battle against distraction and fatigue. Each one is a stepping stone towards a more productive, balanced you.

But before you go, I want to turn it over to you…

Which tip are you going to implement TODAY? Is there a great productivity tip when working from home that I missed?

Let me know in a comment below!

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